Please help Identify this Handbag!

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
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    Please post any identification requests in this thread.

    Here is our list of established identify this threads (clickable links!!):

    Bottega Veneta
    Jimmy Choo
    Marc Jacobs
    Louis Vuitton
    Miu Miu
    Saint Laurent/YSL

    Alexander Wang
    Rebecca Minkoff
    Michael Kors
    Tory Burch

    I hope someone can help me out. I bought a Le Sport Sac Tokidoki bag at a thrift store recently. I really liked the pattern so I didn't notice the tag.

    When I got it home I realized that the tag attached said "SAMPLE" at the top and then Style # and Description. I can't quite make out the most of the lettering but the description says 9507-4730 (I think). Under that is "Sample Request Tokidoki SMR07201". The tag is from Access Leather Products LTD. The bottom is dated Oct. 12, 06.

    I've narrowed down the bag as being a Ciao with Famiglia print. But I don't believe this print was available in 2006. Am I right? Do I have something valuable here?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch!
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  2. It would be really helpful if you can post pictures
  3. Sorry I didn't add them before.

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  4. the pictures are so small. cannot really see. can you post picture of the bag? is there a qee on the bag? if so, take a picture of it. if you look under the zipper pull, is there the word 'ykk'?

    the Famiglia print came out in 2007.

    here's an article which tells you how to spot a fake bag
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    In one of the hautelook ads currently being clycled, there is a beautiful whiskey/british tan leather bowling ball style bag and a pair of suede brown boots. Can anyone identify this purse for me? I emailed hautelook but never received a response and when I right click on the ad, it doesn't give me an option to save the photo (or I would post it directly).

    thank you!
  6. please! one of you fashionistas must have seen the ad. It's everywhere right now!
  7. If you see the ad again, you can do a screen shot on your computer and paste it to your graphics program and then you'd have it as a photo...
  8. Me too! I was burning to know who makes that beautiful purse. I actually did a Google search on it, found this site, read Indigo's suggestion of doing a screen shot, and went back to my other tab and did exactly that.

    I'm attaching the screenshot of the ad here. If anybody knows who makes this bag, please let us all know. Thanks!

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  9. Sorry! India, not Indigo.
  10. I'm assuming that it's a recent bag, but it's hard to say. I'll see if the original poster on the other site comes back so that I can ask.
  11. Can someone please identify the exact name and price of this bag? It's a beautiful bag, but I have to sell it :tdown:

  12. I can't seem to find the name of that Marc by Marc Jacobs cluth anywhere. I know the print is called "jumble logo" though.