Please help Identify this Handbag!

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  1. [​IMG]

    So I know this bag is from Target, but not sure which brand from Target? Can anyone help? I went to look but it was gone and I’m dying to find it! TIA!
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  2. Can anyone identify this logo for me ?

    I have found some mom's bags, and she always bought good stuff, with her main collection being by best bag makers out there, Burberry, Ferragamo, Mulberry, etc

    I found old stash of her bags, and there are 4 models of this manufacturer with this logo on the picture

    What confuses me is the fact that bags are pretty decent in making, real leather, nice craftsmanship, but they seem retro, with some old solutions for closing (regular snaps instead of magnets), attaching belts and so on, like they are from 80's, or 90's

    Help would be appreciated very much, thanks in advance

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  3. Hello
    Please can you help identify this bag. It was listed as Mulberry briefcase style satchel bag but I'm unable to find any references to this bag online. Also this bag is supposed to be a two way bag as in it can used as a crossbody and backpack but I'm not sure if this is possible. Secondly, there are two buckles at the back side of this bag please can you let me know the use of these two bucketa as well.
    Shared pics of this bag with this post.
    Thank you so much for your help.

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  4. I’m scratching my head as to what this purse is. :sad: can anyone help identify?

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  5. Are you serious? Why would you want a bag with Gucci spelled wrong?? :confused1:
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  6. It's a Gucci bag from recent seasons. You might be able to find it still!
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  7. Yes, it's a Gucci, they are selling them now on their website and you can see them in department stores.
  8. Ok, so I am obviously not a Gucci girl, but why on earth would they make a bag like this and why would anyone buy it? It just looks like a replica.
  9. Spoof on replicas
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  10. Thank you ladies! :heart:
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  11. A Gucci SA explained the misspelling to me. On social media, there were people using the hashtag Guccyfied spelled with a y as opposed to the i. So, Gucci ran with it. The design house had a whole line based on Guccy. I’ve personally seen them in stor/boutique, but that was about a year ago.
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  12. Seems ridiculous to me for them to make a bag that people who don't follow Gucci will think is a replica. That's just my opinion of course!
  13. Try posting your question here:
  14. Could somebody please help identify the type/model of this Alexander Mcqueen Purse?

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  15. This one is a real stretch because I don’t even have a photo but hoping someone out there might know or even have this bag. It’s a Melie Bianco faux pebbled leather satchel/bag that I saw a woman carrying in a sort of dusty blue color. It had a top zipper, two front zip pockets and 2 flat straps with a decent length strap drop so you could carry it on your shoulder. I recall seeing some studs on the bag as well. As the lady carrying it was paying I noticed the interior was a cream polka dot lining and I did manage to see the Melie Bianco label on the inside zipper compartment. Any possible leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!