Pigalle Follies

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  1. They're too pretty not to, which is why I actively avoid the boutiques. Last night I dreamed that I got my hot little hands on a pair I've wanted, but paid double the actual price because there they were and I couldn't let them get away, haha. My brain, wtf. THIS is why you can't take me anywhere :P
  2. hahaha! yea that's what I usually try to do when I don't want to spend money but then I have the pesky online shopping to contend with as well even then
  3. Those look fierce on you HelenOfTroy45! :cool: I just ordered the Follies in Suede, can't wait till they get delivered, on my Bday no less :biggrin:
  4. You must be so excited! Did you order a 100 or a 120!
    If you ordered the 120, can you tell me the sizing?
    My old cut Pigalle 120 is a 36, new cut is 37 as well as my Pigalle 100.
    My So Kate exotics are a 36 but patent is a 36.5.

    I tried on the Follies 100 and they were a 37 but I want to order the 120, but I have no clue if I am supposed to size half or full down.
  5. I got the 100. I haven't seen them in the 120 yet...
  6. Can you please post pics of dune color?
  7. They sure do look pretty on you, Helen! I like the toe box of the Follies better than the long one of the So Kates.
  8. I can't make my mind up if I should get it or not. So many SKs I actually want so trying to behave
  9. I saw and tried on the Pigalle Follies Armure Eclipse albeit a 100 and the skin is absolutely STUNNING!!! They are such a gorgeous silvery blue and TDF!!!
    I was hoping these would be so similar to my Armure Bronze So Kate, but they are completely different. DARN!!! My wallet, my wallet!!!

    Sizing is odd though. When I tried on the Glitter Sirene the other day I was a 37, but I was a 36.5 this time around. Very confusing!

    Enjoy the pics ladies:graucho:

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  10. One word! Beautiful. I though that only the So kate came in that color not to mention the pigalle follies that is great news to here. ? Is that the Pigalle Follies you are wearing it look amazing, and I would assume you got them.
  11. Actually I didn't. They were the 100s and I prefer the 120s, but cannot figure out my sizing.
    I tried on the Glitter Sirene a few days back and they were a 37, but this time they were a 36.5 and the Python Armure Eclipse were as well. I wonder if I am supposed to size down by half or by a full size for the Follies 120...

    I actually want the So Kate version for the Python Armure Eclipse since I know my size is a 36 to be exact for an exotic SK. Patents are a 36.5.
  12. Oh I see, I like the heel at 120 better than 100 by far.
  13. Does anyone know how the sizing compares to the Old Pigalle 120 or the So Kate 120?
  14. I ordered the 100s, the US site didn't have 120s listed. I did however try on patent SKs in size 36; I ordered the Follies 100 in 36 as well. I thought it was odd that i needed the same size for different heel heights. Originally I wanted the SKs, but alas I looked like a baby deer walking on ice. Lol!
  15. The black suede is lovely.