Pigalle Follies

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  1. Congrats bugsy!!! They are TDF aren't they? I almost purchased them, and it was hard for me not to.
    The photos do NOT do justice for this pair. It is so gorgeous! Once again, congratulations!!!
  2. Helen- thank you!! yes! They are amazing. I wore them out last night and got SO many compliments! You need to get them! 👠👠👠
  3. Those look beautiful on you, I know you are looking for 120 mm sizing, but can I ask you whether these ran true to size regarding the 100mm compared to other designer shoes?

    i.e. what size in Chanel pumps are you, and what size did you need in these for 100? Same as what you would wear in Chanel?

    Also, I would have liked this in 120mm but seeing these on you makes me think 100mm might be okay for this color, it makes the color more dainty. Can I ask why you didn't like them in 100mm? Also, did you like the color, or did it seem a little loud? - is it a color you could wear during the day with skinny jeans let's say?

  4. love these, do you mind posting a modeling pic?

    Would you wear them during the day with jeans, or is it too much for day time?

    What are your thoughts on the color? Also, why did you choose 100 vs. 120mm?

    Also, what size do you wear in other brands? Do you think this shoe fit is the same as Chanel or is it a bigger fit like Gucci?

    Sorry for the questions, and congratulations!

  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402708144.687851.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402708157.568633.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402708166.576891.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402708173.524388.jpg

    IMO they are too much for the day. I'm styling mine with leather leggings, last night I did a distressed super skinny jean. I would also style with a black dress or black leather shorts.

    The color is AMAZING. You can never go wrong with black and gold, especially when sparkles are involved 💛 I chose a 100mm because that's my max height for walking. I live in a major city and walk everywhere. I also tend to be on my feet for hours at time and 120mm just starts to hurt too much too quickly.

    I'm a 37 I'm Chanel, 37 in Jimmy Choo, 36.5 in fendi and miu miu. Always a 37 in Loubs but I do stretch them a bit in toe box prior to wearing.

    I bought the bright pink follies last week and I'm LOVING these more already!
  6. Your feet look amazing in those pumps and love the modeling shots

  7. Thank you!! When I asked my DH to take them his response was "you're joking right?!"
  8. bugsy,

    Just out of curiosity, do you get any heel slippate? I am a size 37 in Pigalle 100 as well and when I tried them on, 37s were perfect. When I tried them on at another boutique (Tokyo has 4 boutiques in town), I had to size down to 36.5 because the 37 were giving me heel slippage.

    They look absolutely gorgeous on you. Makes me wonder if I should have pulled the trigger. Looks great with your distressed jeans. Black leather pants would be cool too. I was wearing a soft gray dress that day, and it is a good color to combine with the shoes if you ever want to go for a softer look :smile:)
  9. I broke down and bought them today; they are the perfect shade of Barbie pink.....like cute summer watermelon pink. I got them in the same size as my So Kate's.


    This isn't my foot; just the SA trying it on
  10. So Beautiful !
  11. I know right!!! I thought they were going to be cyclamen, but they are literally barbie pink. If you wear MAC, they remind me of Pink Friday meets Candy Yum Yum.
  12. They look gorgeous on you. Thank you :smile:
  13. I agree, but the 120s are surprisingly dainty.
  14. They look Gorgeous!!!
  15. Question, Great color for the Summer and what is the color listed on the CL box?