Pigalle Follies

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  1. Your SK size and Follies 100 size being the same make sense to me now, because I went back to the boutique and they were a 36.5, same size as my SK in patents.
  2. I go half up for the SK from my old cut P120.
  3. These are the dune 100's
  4. Barney's has the Pigalle Follies 100 in suede taupe. I seriously love nude colors in suede... I ended up buying them. I'll post pics later so you guys can see IRL since the website doesn't do them justice
  5. Helen, they are gorgeous on you! Thanks for the info!
  6. thank you for posting this!!!;););)
  7. Sorry I meant the sizing of the Follies 120 compared to either the SK 120 or Old P 120
  8. I myself am trying to figure that out. I did get a chance to try out the Follies in 100 and they were the same size as my SK so assume 120 has to be half a size down which is the same size as old cut P120 or another half down.
  9. they look great on you, especially the toe cleavage!!!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402599078.907379.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402599088.140229.jpg

    I picked up these today at Saks. I'm normally a 37 in pigalle 100 and purchased a 37 in these. I like the extra toe cleavage. My cobbler told me because the heal is so thin the tips will have to be replaced every few wears though :sad:
  11. Apparently the Follies in 120 have been released.
  12. Helen - Congrats ! Those heels really do look beautiful on you. but I am a little surprised that you bought these in 37. I thought you were saying the 36.5 was a better fit. Just wondering - what changed your mind ?
  13. Maybe it's just the stock photos I've seen of the 120s, but I definitely prefer the 100 height. It seems to retain the same grace of curve from the old-cut Pigalle style, whereas the 120 has that newer, kind of clunkier look, especially on the sides of the toe. I might be wrong though, because I didn't think I would like the style at all, but I love the 100s.
  14. Yo, that's not HelenofTroy, it's Bugsy2085. They ARE gorgeous though!
  15. Christina, it is not my post. It is bugsy2085's post.

    I ended up not getting the Pigalle Follies Glitter Sirene. It was hard to resist, but I got the So Kate Python Armure Eclipse instead which I really wanted. I am a SUCKER for exotics!!!