Pigalle Follies

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  1. i LOVE this style and bought it in black suede. now i'm hoping for nude patent!!!!
  2. Did you buy the 120? If so may I ask what size and if you do have So Kate and old cut Pigalle 120, would you also give me your size? I am having difficulty figuring out my Pigalle Follies 120 size since I only got to try on a 100. Thank you!!!
  3. Ok, between this and jayls' pictures of her black suede pair, I am convinced! I think the angle of the stock photos isn't very flattering, but in both IRL pictures, the shoes look very graceful and dainty. Haha Helen, I thought that the Sirene print looked like tiger stripes too, but now that you mention it, I TOTALLY see the mackerel :lol: (especially considering that it's even called "sirene"). These are indeed very beautiful!
  4. I wonder, the 120s may be looks like so kate, the heels are too much alike
  5. I am confused about this Python Armure color. The site says Follies, but my SA said it only comes in SKs.
    I prefer SK simply because I know my size. The curve/slope on the Follies is exactly like an SK or the new cut P120, ie, steep, but the toe box is shorter just like a Pigalle. The steeper the slope, the less likely the feet slides forward so does that mean half down for a 120 or a full size down like the old cut P120 is beyond me.
  6. The heels were exactly SK heels. My SA and I did lined them up side by side. The SK and Follies and they were SK heels.
  7. I just purchased the pigalle follies 100mm in dune (stunning nude colour). They run the same as the so Kate. I take a 36 in the so kates and the follies. The follies look very similar to the so kates. ...just shorter toe box and more toe cleavage
  8. Your So Kate and Pigalle Follies in 100 is the same size??? Not the Follies 120?
  9. Follies 100....not 120
  10. go for them! lol
  11. Enabler! Haha noooo I caaan't!
  12. Do you mind posting a picture of the shoes (modeling or not, as you please). I'm curious about the color. Thank you, enjoy your shoes!
  13. I'm in love with the black suede - I actually went into the CL boutique to check out the pigalle 120s and but those follies caught my eye and my wallet lol
  14. Yes I'm the worst enabler when it comes to shopping