Pigalle Follies


May 23, 2014
I just posted in another thread about these before I saw this thread so sorry for the duplicates...

I just bought the Pigalle Follies in black suede in 37 (I tend to flux between 37 and 37.5) and the toebox is def tight but I think it should stretch quite a bit



Sep 18, 2008
lol for you Helen:

This particular pair online seems to deviate from the others...
That profile is grotesque :yucky:

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This is sad ... These look very pedestrian to me. I don't think anyone would even recognize them as Louboutins on the street. What is happening with the designers at CL ? Dont they know we want smooth, tapered, SEXY and well thought out designs like the original Pigalle 120 and So Kate 120 ?


Jun 20, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
I already posted these on the So Kate thread and disappointed in Pigalles thread, but here it is ...

Pigalle Follies 100

i stopped into the cl boutique on my way to another meeting today and this is my report.

Surprisingly, they were not ugly at all. In fact, beautiful in real life which gives us hope. Unfortunately japan will not be getting any shipping for 120s and i would really like to know what my sizing would be.

The sizing for a 100 was exactly the same as my p100s, a size 37.
The slope is steeper than a pigalle, just like the new cut pigalle 120 and the so kates.
Also, the heel height was higher than pigalle 100 by a 3-4 mm. Plenty of toe cleavage i must say. Possibly more than Pigalles or So Kates?

I really want to know if i am supposed to size down by half or full for a 120. Unfortunately, since a lot of japanese women cannot handle wearing 120s, they don't sell well hence the boutiques do not get much of them in that height so i would have to order from overseas if i were ever to purchase.

The color i tried on which was the only pair that came in so far is called Glitter Sirene.
I usually do not like glitter, but it was gorgeous iIRL.  maybe some may think it reminds them of a mackerel lol! For me, it looked like tiger stripes!

Please see attached pics for your reference.