Pet peeves when people talk about LV?

  2. when a friend tries to tell/show me that she knows more about LV bags than i do when she DONT!
  3. When people misspell "vachetta". It's not 'vuhchetta' or vanchetta''s VACHETTA. :noggin:
  4. Words in purple is how you should respond to people who says these things.

  5. I have a colleague whos interested in my bags but tries to compare them to her real obvious fakes bragging about hers, she always wants to touch them and look inside ...I don't mind people appreciating from a distance but how rude. Anyway last week I mentioned I was going to spend the weekend cleaning out and organizing my closet and she turned up at my house on the Sunday to take any clothes/shoes/bags off me I had decided to get rid off face must have been priceless I was in shock ...the cheek of it! :wtf: ooh and did I mention I'd only been working with her for 2 months and she must have looked up my address as i never gave it her :lol:
  6. "You can feed a village somewhere" with money spent on that bag!
  7. I get annoyed when people...

    ask me if my bag is real

    ask me how much my bag cost

    ask me if the wallet comes with the bag :wacko:

    man-handle my purse, especially if it has vachetta!!!

    (especially at work where some women know I buy pre-loved--ask me how many bags I sold to "get this one"? Why should I tell you?? Do you want to buy some off me---show me the money!!
  8. My biggest pet peeve regarding LV is the snobbery that comes with it. I mean really, it really is just a bag. I like all sorts of designers including LV and I detest snobs that act like they're "better" because they own LV or they act like LV is the "be all and end all" and every other designer is inferior. It's so not that serious. I'm sure the shareholders laugh their way straight to the bank on that one!
  9. OH!! the MANHANDLING...what the heck!? I set my bag on a counter that I was RIGHT in front of at a boutique and it was obvious it was mine... then this arrogant wannabe cool guy :cool:reaches across me and grabs it and starts pawing at it telling his gf this is nice, maybe I will get one for you. He knew damn well it was my purse too.

    I looked him up and down and said, "excuse me?!! DUDE!! Please put my purse back where I had don't grab women's purses." :wtf: He was SUCH a JERK, it was clear by his body language so I let him have it! He was that type of guy who expects everyone to cater to him. So he walks a way and says "*****" under his breath... So I say; "you bet but to only those without manners or repsect, dumbass." Ok, I went way further than I usually go but he so had it coming. I am normally very chill.

    Who does that to a woman's bag? Clearly I am a from the westcoast to call him DUDE, lol!:roflmfao:
  10. The boobs comment made me nearly spit my drink out!!! I had that happen too at the grocery store. I told a girl that after she asked if my sunglasses, bag and ring were real!! I asked her if she wanted to see if my BMW was real too. Ok, that was bad and like I said normally I am chill but what happened to class and manners? I felt so bad later though because I could have had class and kept my mouth shut!. I was not in a great mood that day! I hate itwhen I shoot my mouth off....I always feel guilty later. Thank god I have only been that nasty a few times. I just could not be that way all the time, I would get depressed.

    I was taught to put a bullet proof word bubble around me but sometimes it pops!
  11. LMAO!!! So basically say, "Yes I am crazy and high maintenance and worth every effort..."
  12. People are just clueless sometimes.. and tactless...
  13. Oh yes they do. Not to me, but a friend. People are just rude.
  14. Too funny! He was violating, plain and simple! He deserved that tongue-lashing. He would've gotten worse from me. I mean, dude, my MONEY is in my bag. I would've flipped out. People are crazy! I'd be scared that he's about to run off with my bag.

    I use "dude" too and I am east coast all the way.
  15. LOL... when I am not in my best, I call my DH "Dude"... he would be like "what did I do?"... and yes I am east coast all the way too!!! :graucho: