Pet peeves when people talk about LV?

  1. When people say, You could have bought ____ instead of all those bags! or 1 friend who says you could have just bought a Chanel.

    I don't want Chanel, I want LV! :biggrin:
  2. When I'm asked about the price.
  3. When people try to figure out if it's real or fake. People asking about the price then lecturing me about how much money I "wasted". People saying it won't last me more than a few years.

    I guess my pet peeves in general are when people feel the need to comment on my personal life & how I choose to spend my hard earned money. It's not like I have a new bag every single day. I alternate between a plain black coach bag & my speedy. It just drives me nuts when people, ESP people I don't even know, think they have the right to come up & make comments.
  4. People that think they can buy a nice LV bag for under 100 dollars...yes you can get a dustbag for that!
  5. oooh, my biggest pet peeve is seeing yucky celebrities carrying

    Like, on Dr Phil the other day he was interviewing this girl who thinks she is a princess. She was incredibly stupid, painfully so, and spoiled rotten and privileged and entitled, and she was showing off all of her LVs and said that her LV luggage was one of her prized possessions. It made me not want to be seen in an airport with LV luggage and be compared to her.

    And that awful woman who was supposed to marry Hugh Heffner has been carrying LVs everywhere, I just saw a pic of her trying to pawn her engagement ring with a mon-monogram makes LV look cheap and tacky, imo.

    I like that LV is classy and timeless and seeing it cheapened and trended like that is a bit of a pet peeve.
  6. i totally dislike it when people ask me how much the bag cost, act shocked and then keep saying how they would never spend that much on A bag.

    oh, that same women then finished the whole question by asking 'is that real'. *pfff
  7. Oh I hate that too! Its my bag and I spent what I spent! I didnt say anything about your waste of money on your "stero system or rims or expensive designer sunglasses or 2 pack a day cig habit" so leave my bags alone!
  8. the first time my mom saw my Bleu Infini Alma PM she commented on what a pretty purse it was, and then asked if it was plastic :shrugs:. i cut her some slack, she's 73 years old and the idea of spending over $100 on a bag is foreign to her (although she carrys one of my Michael Kors castoffs). another time i was at the post office with my Brown Watercolor Speedy and one of the clerks asked me why did i mark and color all over my purse, i had to explain about the bag and a co-worker told me the same bag looked like a 4 year old had done it with markers:wtf:.

    so i guess my pet-peeve is: if you can't say something nice than don't say anything at all!
  9. The whole "real" thing bugs me but I don't get that too often. But when I am asked "is that real?" I respond with "is what real?" a very baffled expression. It shuts them up fast. Also, if they specific with "is your bag real?" I say "I sure hope so since I bought it at Vuitton" in flat tone so it shuts them down. I am not rude, just matter of fact.

    Regarding prices; I always give a blank look then say I don't recall.

    My biggest pet peeve is the reality star WANNABE's prancing fakes around at the mall or wherever! I force myself to purposely ignore them and refuse to make eye contact because it is the attention that they want but I will not give it ;).:roflmfao:

  10. Hahaha that girl was in VH1's "You're cut off." Such an entertaining show.

  11. Omgosh i'm totally going to use your reply!! Haha it made me laugh!! :p
  12. so true, I don't get it... learn how to pronounce it...
  13. :roflmfao:.. I doubt you can even get a dustbag...
  14. We are CRAZY about our handbags and others are just not. I mispronunce LV names/terms, etc. all the them but I LOVE and own all the lines. So what?

    I don't think it is wrong that people think it is just a purse because it is true, it is a purse.

    I don't think it is wrong that people have an opinion regarding anything, including a purse. However, it is RUDE to come out and say negative things about other people possessions. You CAN think something is ugly or tacky, but it is not POLITE just to come out and say it.

    I do get annoyed when people ask if it was real or fake, or how much it cost me. Like I say before, you wouldn't ask someone out loud if their boobs were real or fake and follow by how much the boob job cost them.

    I just tell myself. I live in my happy LV place and other people don't. It is OKAY.
  15. - When people say that I am CRAZY for paying that much for a bag... "it's just a bag, you know"... UGH :wtf:

    - When people assume I am high maintenance :sunnies(what they wanted to actually say was MATERIALISTIC) because I use "designer" bags... :amazed:

    - When people say "I hate how much logo it has on it... Okay already I know its designer, but does it have to scream LV"... duh its LV... smh :nogood:

    - When people stalk you to see if its "real"... :noggin: