Pet peeves when people talk about LV?

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  1. When someone asks me if my bag is real. I usually just reply back with 'are your teeth real?'
  2. I die! What would you do if they said no?:roflmfao:
  3. Well, you are still pretty classy. I mean, in reality, we want to tell these people to f*** off but we don't.
  4. I'd probably say, 'What?! They knock off teeth as well?'

  5. Or say Canal Street teeth, ey?!
  6. Yes, I am crazy, high maintenance, and worth every effort.

    I tell it to my DH who doesn't understand my handbag passion the slightest. He agreed entirely.

    Oh, if you really want to appear crazy bag loving... which sometimes I do it for a good laugh... you exaggerate the following motion (after you tell them that "you are crazy..." : Held you bag to your chest and PET IT LOVINGLY.
  7. Sweet! Glad to hear that! Dude is apart of our culture, lol!
  8. Totally agree :p
  9. LOL, I may not do the gestures but I am sure by now he knows I'm high maintenance...
  10. off topic..those babies in your pic is beautiful..Wherever you had that pic done, I loooove cute! Now back to yall pet peeves lol lol
  11. Thank you! Those are my kids. A coworker did it. He's very talented.
  12. Yes he is..verrrry nice

  13. Same pet peeve as I have!!!! You explained it to a T! haha ;)
  14. i agree with all of them! especially #3.
  15. Not much bothers me...

    Although I have had my pomme alma touched by strangers when I was in the LV boutique...and both the SA and I looked at the person touching my bag :wtf: