Pet peeves when people talk about LV?

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  1. Mine are:

    -Online, when they spell Louis wrong. "Louie" "Lous" "Lowis?" :roflmfao:
    -Calling speedys and neverfulls cheap. Since when was $800 considered cheap..?
    -Acting as if a girl needs to be a certain age for it to be appropriate for her to be able to carry LV.:huh:

    What are yours? :smile:
  2. Those are good ones!

    One of mine is when a friend say's, "dang is that another new louis!" Like I'm not allowed to have any more bags!
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  3. I'll agree with your first one, mispronunciations get to me especially when someone's trying to act like 'all that' and knowledgeable on youtube videos or something. :smile: Vernis and Galliera seem to trip people up! Lol.

    And when people say over and over that the Totally looks like a diaper bag. (Or they post it IS a diaper bag.) It's just rude.
  4. I agree with everyone elses stated pet peeves.

    I especially agree on the "dang is that another lv??"

    - How people think you're spoiled or obsessed because you own 2+ purses.

    - How people look at you and you know they're wondering if your bag is real. YES IT IS.
  5. +1 to this definitely true!
    "How people look at you and you know they're wondering if your bag is real. YES IT IS."
  6. ^^Totally agree.
  7. I get very annoyed when people say that LV is purchased and carried for the status of having the LV-logo on a handbag. It is so not about the logo (especially when it comes to epi & damier!)
  8. When people suggest my things aren't real is my only real peeve. But yes it is annoying when people who OWN Louis Vuitton spell it 'Louie'!
  9. people cant pronounce Damier lol
  10. People who pronounce the S in Louis ...
  11. I have a friend who told me that the only point of carrying LV is to show off.

    I also get annoyed with the "It's just a purse" comments that I frequently get.
  12. When my mom called my epi pieces "plastic" and now my vernis -plastic looking. Now she does it jokingly to pick on me.
  13. Ahaha, this is me. When I go into the LV store looking for something in Damier, I generally carry in whatever Damier pattern I want to buy and say "I want x bag in this canvas". Don't hate me, I'm sorry! :lol:

    Talk of people carrying monogrammed bags automatically carrying them to show off/be a status symbol annoys me to no end. For every person that does do this, there are plenty more that appreciate the aesthetics of the bag for more than just the logo. Just because you don't like monogram for whatever reason, let me enjoy my monogram without looking down on me or insinuating I'm shallow and showing off my money for liking it.
  14. It's a pet peeve to me when it is spelled "luis" -- it see this in many ebay auctions, and even here on TPF.
  15. when my ex colleague kept asking me about my new bags , and after telling him he starts to lecture me. i am so annoyed by him.

    not to cause a chaos but no one says speedy and NF cheap. as what i remember, people says :" neverfull and speedy is cheaper than XXX" and someone just alter the sentence to the public as "NF and speedys are cheap" and someone just start a thread "please stop calling speedys and NF cheap!"

    as a usual purse forum members i never seens any members insult anyone's purse ( well i might missed it somehow LOL)by saying someone's bag is cheap. but i do remember people says :" cheaper than Alma vernis...." Hope this explanation will relieve one of OP's pet peeves.

    Cheersss !