Pet peeves when people talk about LV?

  1. I completely agree with this! I saw that girl on Dr. Phil as well and I felt bad that my "Louis" had to see a girl like that with an LV.
  2. My biggest pet peeves are when my family and friends ridicule me for paying that much for a purse.
    When someone tells me they have a fake that looks just like mine!! Grrrr
    When people touch my bag without asking. I don't mind but please ask.

  3. Haha your replies are awesome! It can be a fine line between rude and assertive when dealing with those questions, and I think you've nailed it!

    My pet peeve is not being able to take my LV where I want for fear of mistreatment and judging, ie at work. I love my purse and wanna take it everywhere!!!
  4. That is a yuck for sure. I mean, on occassion I let family and friends try on my bag(s) but never strangers. That is weird. Kinda reminds me when I was preganat with my twins, people would touch my belly without asking... I was like... "get your hands off of me!"
  5. I hate it when I get comments like:

    "how much cost it? .. omg you are crazy .."

    "I don't get why you are buying lv purses, every girl on the street carries one..
    me: I don't care, btw most of them are fake. them: but they look the same .."
  6. I agree with most everything said.
    When people think you are a snob or spoiled or whatever just because you carry a nice purse. It's a purse; it doesn't define me; you don't even know me, judgmental much?
    When people ask me if it's real and then criticize me for buying real bags. Um, I'm sorry, I don't like to break the law? I respect designers and don't want to rip them off?
    When people say monogram bags are ugly and are just for showing off how expensive they are. Um, no, actually, I think they're quite pretty...why would I carry a purse I thought was ugly?
    When people try to convince me their bags are real when I know they are fake. I don't even comment on them being fake, but when they see mine they go out of their way to convince me theirs is real too. Hello? I'm carrying a real you think I am stupid and/or blind?
  7. Ohhhh, I HATE this one! It's so stupid. Talk to me when you have sold your plasma TV, your xbox, your expensive china, your iPad, your luxury car, and all the other things you have worked hard for and enjoy to single handedly save the human race.
  8. Completely agree.
  9. Pet peeve #1. "Oh, I know how much you paid for that".
    You do? And? Okay, so good for you. What do they want, a cookie? Really, what am I supposed to say to that? It's annoying.
    Another time, someone once said something about them wanting to get a vintage bag, like mine. My bag was not vintage. It was one year old at the time. It has a patina, & that is what real LV looks like. Yes, the handles actually turn, and do not stay the same color like the fake ones.
  10. I had a realy annoying conversation with some girls the other day... They commented on my LV bag and asked if it was real (this was not the annoying part, they seemed really interested)... Then they started saying how much they love LV and one girl said I love their louboutins...I said "oh well those are two diferent brands, Lous Vuitton shoes are just called Louis Vuitton shoes, and Louboutins are as in Chistian Louboutin the shoe designer. They seriously argued this with me and acted like im an idiot and they still think "Louboutin" is a term for Louis Vuitton shoes. Really???????

    I told my sister this and she said she knows a lot of girls at her university think this also.....
  11. Hahaha I could see that happening because my Mom sometimes gets confused and calls CL's "Christian LouisBuitton" (Louis-Buh-Tahn) instead of "Louboutin." I think it's kinda cute though. She knows they are two different companies: just the names are similar I guess? I'm slowly bringing her up to my level of obsession. She had no idea what CL's were a year ago so I think I'm making progress :graucho:
  12. haha yeah I see how people could think "louis Vuitton" and "louboutin" since saying them kinda sounds the same if yah think about it... I just thought it was crazy the way they got real defensive and "snotty" about it. I have no idea how i even knew what louboutons were before i started on TPF..must have seen them on TV:p
  13. This is my biggest pet peeve! I can't stand this-I feel like I don't ever want to be associated with anyone like this and I can't stand how trashy people carry a brand that is iconic and classy.
  14. Yeah, I don't understand how it suddenly became "okay" to ask such rude questions. I went back to visit a place I was working and had my Azur NF MM. This isn't a cheap bag but is certainly cheaper than most every other bag I own.

    I heard later that one of the girls asked another one how much the bag cost?? You know, even if I thought it, I wouldn't SAY it! And I agree with what someone else here said, maybe if she didn't smoke like a chimney she would have some money for other stuff.

    I would tell her this but I'm going to be going back to work there soon. Guess I'll have to keep my LV on the DL, lol! Of course it burns me up that another girl there has been carrying a fake Azur Speedy forever and claiming it was real, ugh!!

    It probably wouldn't be noticed as much other places but it's with another handbag company so we all notice bags and such. Guess I'll be carrying my LV goodies inside another kind of bag when I work. :cry:
  15. Reading this thread made me giggle! :smile: My only real pet peeve is mispronunciations and misspellings - they make LV collectors sound unintelligent/uncaring about the brand. On videos, or in writing.. adding extra letters for no reason like "vanchetta" or "pouchette" **shudder** Or calling it a "Galleria." *sigh*