Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. Great pics! I think I see a few Madison Smythe bags (python), Croc Embossed Gramercy (Chalk), Madison Triple Turnlock Carlyle... Nice selection!
  2. For the Canadian Coachies~ spotted at the Milton outlet...some 1941 items (small saddle $200 Cdn and Dinkies $150):


  3. I'm so jealous!! Rexy sweaters too!

    I just called my outlet to ask if they had any 1941 in, and she said "only the backpack". I asked what style the backpack was, and she said "1941" like I was an idiot for asking. :annoyed:
  4. I think more 1941's will start showing up at the outlets (my guess would be right before Easter or Mother's Day). There have been so many saddle/hobo types lately (they had Nomads and tons of Harley with the snake detail).
  5. Maybe this isn't the right thread to ask, but is the Harley significantly less quality than the Nomad? (The Harley is the outlet version of the nomad, right?)
  6. I know there was discussion on this somewhere on this blog but IMO yes, the Nomad is better. The main differences are the Nomad is leatherlined, glovetanned leather (feel buttery over time), hardware is substantial. The Harley is made of the lightweight pebble leather, fabric lined, hardware not as substantial.

    That being said though, both are good choices. The Nomad has a magnetic close top while the Harley is a zippered top. The smaller crossbody Nomad however does have the zippered top. The Harley also comes In more color choices. Depending on your preferences, choice is yours.

    A retail Nomad obviously is more expensive but with these showing up at the outlet now, the prices are a good deal; close to and sometimes even cheaper than the Harley.
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  7. The Harley is a good looking bag, but when I pick one up it feels kinds of thin and flimsy to me - the Nomad is more substantial and makes more of a statement - but that's just my opinion.
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  8. Do have her contact details?
  9. Sorry, I don't. I will have to remember to get them next time I go, but that is not going to be for a few months, probably.
  10. I agree. Both bags are lovely and have the same general look. It's the leather that makes the difference. IMHO, the Nomad appears more formal as the leather is more structured. The Harley seems more casual and carefree with more fun details/colours. So it depends what type of bag you're looking for.

  11. [​IMG]
    I ran over to the outlet in Rosemont, IL at lunch today to return a misguided FOS purchase. I bought a FLORAL RESIN AND COATED CANVAS TEA ROSE BAG CHARM F58517 SV/LE and I really didn't like it. Much too big and bulky for my tastes.

    They had a small selection of FP Deletes at 60% off and I snapped a couple of pics. They had a lot of watches at 40% off and a good selection of jewelry, including some at 70% off.

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  12. You are quite the spy these days! Thanks it's fun to see
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  13. Thank you - was thinking of going tomorrow but now I may wait! [emoji846]
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  14. Thanks for posting! The bandana/studded Mercer I see.... do you know if that was the 24 or the 30?
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  15. I'm not sure, I was in a hurry, but you should call.