Outlet Spy Pics!

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    Browsed the outlet at Jersey Gardens today, everything was 50% off. FP delete pickings were pretty slim, highlights were the 1941 saddle bags at 20% plus 50% off, they had several of the large whipstitched 75th anniversary. limited edition ones in a dark brown... Interior was gorgeous and I was tempted. The other 1941 saddle bag was a smaller one with a color patchwork front. Almost bit on one of the MFF large reversible carry all totes, was only 75 dollars after the discount, but I don't really need it. Also almost bit on a nice MFF trench coat, but they didn't have my size.

    Headed to Florida later this week, am hoping my dad will drive me to the outlet in the area, I know it won't be as picked over by tourists and Ebayers, so maybe I will get lucky.
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  2. Well, I'm sure glad that my local outlet never really had regular-sized Nomads to begin with...otherwise I'll come home with a chalk one!
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  3. Sorry I don't have pictures of stock! But I was at Woodbury recently. That store is HUGE and so pretty! They had lots of flower print stock. In terms of FP deletes, I only noticed Nomads but there could have been more. Here are some modshots from the store in case anyone ever searches for them!

    This was a super super cute tiny little bucket bag wristlet. Loved it. So tempting with the additional 50% off.
    Another cute wristlet, very much like the Nolita. I think this was similar to the 19? It fit my iPhone 6, my small wallet, and my bulky phone charger.
    Also, I've been debating back and forth about buying the Harley and Nomad. I love them both, but decided that they are not for me sadly. Here is a modshot of the Harley in case anyone ever looks for one - if anyone wants additional modshots, PM me!
    All in all, Woodbury has a great, super big and fun Coach outlet. I would recommend stopping by if you have a chance!
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  4. Love the Woodbury Common outlet, always so dangerous to my wallet! ;).

    Checked out the outlet at the Miromar Outlets in Estero Florida, FP delete selection was slim, although they did have a lovely Willow Floral Prairie satchel. Sorely tempted though by a red Swagger carryall at Saks Off Fifth there, would have been only $169! But, I passed. Also a couple of Swagger Frames there. There's another outlet in South Naples, but I doubt I can get my dad to stop there.

  5. Sorry to be off topic, but I LOVE your lace up booties -- who makes them??
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  6. I stopped at the Aurora, IL outlet this afternoon. They are giving 50% everything in the store so the FP deletes are 50% off the retail price. They also had some watches and FP delete jewelry in clearance at 40% off and then another 50% including the Rivet Chocker Necklace and the silver and pearl Tearose Necklace.

    I didn't buy anything but I snapped some pics of the FP deletes, see below.

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  8. Those are so cute! But I thought 1941 items weren't going to the outlets?
  9. Everything seems to get to the outlet.
    I saw Rogues there (regular & 36) a month ago. They pretty much had these items at Woodbury Commons yesterday along with fringe saddle bags.

  10. Wow, that's a lot to take in -- thx for your vigilant photography, as always! :clap:

    I see things I had totally forgotten even exist!! At least snapping pics only, gives your wallet a break!
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  11. I've just had a major epiphany!

    It has FINALLY sunk in to me that I am depriving myself of some real bargains by not going to the Outlets -- for non-Coach items as well. Like many others on here, my closest Outlets are all over an hour's drive, but thanks to all these helpful Spy Shots, I see how I am missing out!!

    I know all Outlets are not equal, but even the more lame ones seem to have SOMETHING worthwhile. It's so annoying to be at the mercy of the occasional CPE Event, especially with all the Exclusions! And the Online Outlet leaves a lot to be desired.

    I know, I'm preaching to the choir! Especially to Katev! :giggle:
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    Thanks! But I'm lucky (maybe a bit too lucky!) because I have 2 outlets near me. One is close to my job and the other is close to my home. Sometimes I go to the outlet and there's not much to see but it isn't a hardship. But if I were traveling a long distance it would be disappointing. I would probably call and try and get an estimate of their FP delete stock in advance - or check out the spy pics and reports on TPF first!

    I don't buy much from the boutiques any more because I have so many bags already. I try not to pay much attention to new releases and reveals. Now I usually wait to see what shows up at the outlet and then see if I fall in love with anything!

    As you know, you have to educate yourself about coach bags to shop wisely at the outlet. I have avoided learning about other brands like Michael Kors because I don't want to know how to shop well at the MK outlet stores and risk feeding my addiction further!

    Coach outlet shopping used to be more fun before the 30 day refund policy. I would often pick up items that would make good gifts and stocking stuffers. I would ask for a gift receipt and feel comfortable that the recipient could take it back if he/she didn't want it - but now I pass up a lot of cool items because they would have to be returned within a month.

    The generous refund policy also made it easier to take a bag home and try it out around the house with the tags on to decide if you wanted to keep it. You knew that you could always return it which was especially nice for folks that lived a long distance from the outlets. The SAs used to encourage customers to "buy it and see if you like it - you can return it anytime!"

    I also picked up some great bags at the outlet that showed up as late returns, but not any longer! I understand that the "forever" refund policy may have been too generous, but the current 30 days is really too short - especially when buying gifts or when traveling a distance.

    They also used to be more generous about price adjustments at the outlet. I just bought a fob for $100 with PCE and I know that it will probably show up for $25 at the outlet or on FOS in a few weeks but it will be too late to get a PA within 14, but I wanted to make sure that I got it so I bought it.
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  13. That's what they always say at Coach, of course. We know better on tpF!
  14. Have you all seen any other colored rogues in the outlet?
  15. In case you are feeling like you are missing out.... I went to the Tanger outlet in Howell, MI today, which is a 40 minute drive for me. Once I got there, I asked for the FP delete bags, or the transfer bags, or whatever they are calling them now. The SA said we have them in the back. And she asked what I was interested in. I said anything you have that's from the retail store. So she looked at me kind of funny, and asked if I could be more specific. So I replied that I would be interested in a nomad or rogue or Drifter or swagger. Really anything. She went off, and came back with two bags. One was the turnlock hobo in a blueish-metallic color (I haven't been following that bag, so no idea if it is hologram or ??). The other bag she had looked like a back swagger, but the hardware was smaller and just looked less.... something. So I looked at it for a minute and the other salesperson came over and said that it was a MFF bag, Blake I think she called it. It looks like they are making MFF versions of FP bags already. And that was it. Not another FP bag in the store. Waaaaaaahhhhh! These spy pics make me feel like I'm at the wrong outlet!