Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. Yes it does!
  2. Jersey Gardens may be getting 1941 times.
  3. Items not times.
  4. I almost passed out when I read that price! @katev I beg you to post if you see any Rogues (once you've picked out the one you want, of course [emoji846]). I dared not dream of getting one but now that they're hitting the outlets.... come to mama! [emoji39]
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  5. I called my local outlet yesterday and they said "no rouges yet!" :sad:
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  6. FP deletes at my local outlet in north cali. There were some dinkies as well not captured in these pictures.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.43.03 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.42.45 PM.png

  7. Wow, this is in the Milpitas Outlet?? Haven't been there in years, way before my Coach addiction. (I used to live much closer to it), but now I'm motivated, thx for sharing this good news!
  8. The pictures are from the livermore outlet but milpitas does get 1-2 few goodies :smile: Outlets are having 60% off right now including deletes!
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  9. Thx for the heads up!
  10. THANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK you for the pics.....they have an oldie there that I NEED
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  11. Curious are those Navy Nomads orBlack? I have both but just wondering if Nomad is truly going away.
  12. Those are black nomads.
  13. Thanks that makes me sad. I love the nomad classic simple style and it looks like they probably are discontinued. I did get all of mine at a great price so I don't feel bad that way.
  14. My local outlet (Aurora, IL) had a good variety of Nomads including embossed snake handle, burnished, and willow floral. It looks like the Livermore outlet has some nice Nomads including the grey birch Nomad with the willow floral handle.
  15. Which one is that?