Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. Woodbury is one of my two local outlets (local being relative though) -and that is a nice selection there. There were a ton of Aces (a couple of dozen at least) when I was there two weeks ago, looks like they sold almost all of them, I picked up one. :smile: Darn good thing I am going out of town this weekend, I cannot spend any more on bags right now!
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    I just came back from the outlet in aurora, IL because I had to do some returns. They didn't have any Rogue bags I am sad to say. They did have a number of FP deletes at 60% off - not as many as they had a couple of weeks ago, but they had swaggers, mercers, nomads, saddle bags, carryalls, dinkys, rivet eddies and other rivet bags and totes, and a decent selection of wallets and wristlets. Like Woodbury they had the tiger-striped haircalf dinky bags. They also had the willow floral nomads in black and also that fringed saddle bag in black.

    I didn't try to take any pictures because the store was empty and I didn't want to take the risk.

    What is the size of that Denim Rogue and do you know the style number? Is it the 38124 bag?

    I got a generous gift card for my birthday yesterday but I wasn't too tempted by anything I saw today. :sad:
  3. A fellow spy, welcome to our club! Great pictures of beautiful bags!
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  4. Hi, I wont be able to answer your questions since I dont know Coach. I just happen to be in the area so took pix for you ppl. I think the blu Rogue is a 36 but that's a guess.

    If I am in the area again, I'll try to take a pic of the tag next time. :flowers:
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  5. Does anyone have SA info for Woodbury? I would love to know more about the Nolita Wristlet selection and pricing [emoji4] and the nomad hobos!
  6. Also, if anyone knows how often outlets get stock - I'd love to know if I should wait until July (when I was planning to originally make a purchase) or if I should go for it now if I see something I like [emoji848]
  7. Thank you so much for posting pictures of that Rogue 36 with python! If it's not that the handles are metallic, I'd have given them a call already...what a great sighting!
  8. Seems like the outlets got a bunch of the good stuff after the SAS finished, but I am only going by this cycle.

    Woodbury Common might get a lot of good deletes because it is in a huge high-end outlet mall with many other mid-range and luxury bag brands. I have yet to see anything great at the Jersey Gardens outlet, which is not as upscale. There is a very nice SA at Woodbury Commons by the name of Esther that recognizes me now but I don't have contact info for her.
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  9. I was told you must go into the store to purchase :sad: So I guess not . But maybe someone else on here could chime in . I never did a charge send from woodbury before .
  10. Thanks...I was curious as I know they used to. I don't know if any of them do charge sends any longer. I don't see why they wouldn't....you can do a charge send from a FP store.
  11. Wow, I'd love to score a Rogue at an outlet near me! I'm in northern CA.
  12. I'm in SF bay area as well, and there was a rogue in blue denim at the great mall outlet! I was able to score one but not sure if there's any left.
  13. What a score! I won't be able to make it there until next weekend. I wonder if they'll get more. How much was it?
  14. it was 60% off! So $318 before tax. I may not keep mine, not sure if I need two rogues since I just bought one from the Sak 5th sale a week ago but it's such a good deal.
  15. I knew it was about time for these to start to hit the outlets. Lets the savings begin. Yesssss. Like I always say. Everything goes to the outlets. Yessss baby