Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
    For months I have been less than thrilled with the FP delete selection at the outlet. They usually only have one bay with a few boutique bags but I stopped at the outlet in Aurora, IL this afternoon and they had several bays of boutique bags for 50% off - plus the outlet coupon up to 25% off (if you received the coupon.)

    The items in clearance were 70% off (plus the coupon) but there wasn't much in clearance. They had a lot of the MFF fobs in clearance and some gloves and hats and scarfs.

    In the 50% off section there were nomads, including some burnished nomads, swaggers, edies, and bandana rivet bags, totes, some floral applique items, and a few hologram items, including the Mercer 24 hologram satchel.

    And there were loads of FP delete wallets and wristlets and pouches and crossbody swingpacks. I snapped some pics in case somebody sees a bag that they have been looking for.

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  2. Thank you for posting! You make an awesome Spy!
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  3. Thanks! These are great pictures. I wish the store near me received this type of stuff. :smile:
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  4. Gee...wish mine got all that stuff too. Our 2 outlets get so minimal deletes these days!
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  5. Thanks! My 2 outlets have been rather disappointing for a long time. I think that this recent increase in FP deletes may be due to Valentine's Day and the tiered outlet coupon - so call your nearest outlet, maybe they got in some new inventory, too.

    There's another outlet near me but I haven't checked it out yet, but I might get there before the coupon expires.
  6. These are great, thank you for sharing them. Wish I lived closer to an outlet.
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  7. One of my Coach loving friends hit up one of ours today and they had a bunch of the same stuff! Yay!
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  8. That's great news!
  9. I wish I didn't live in the UK!!!!!
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  10. #10 Feb 11, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2017
    This morning I called the coach outlets in Rosemont, IL (both the women's and men's stores) and was told that they did not have many discontinued transfer bags. I needed to buy a gift so I went back to Aurora, IL. The inventory was pretty much the same that I reported on Thursday but I noticed a few new items. They now have the large Nomad in burgundy as well as the smaller version, and they have a beautiful, large rip and repair black swagger satchel. They still have the willow floral nomad in black but not in the grey birch.
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  11. Jersey Gardens had a similar selection, much to my surprise... Very nice large Nomads, including Willow Floral in both colors and a great looking one in Surplus, among other colors. A good bandana rivets selection - totes and the white Edie. Some wallets too, although not quite as good a selection as in these pics. Saks Off 5th there had a nice selection of 50+% off bags too, including a navy rip and repair Ace satchel and some very nice smaller Nomads in burnished saddle with fuchsia/purple trim, as well as some Swaggers, large Nomads, and Crosby's. And I restrained myself with all of them
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  12. You are very strong, I am weak!

    I walked through Saks Off 5th at Aurora, IL on my way to the parking lot yesterday and they had one section of Coach bags. I saw a camel nomad and some swaggers and a few other items. I didn't check the prices but they were advertising "Up to 80% off".
  13. #13 Feb 12, 2017
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    Took all my strength not to get an Edie at the outlet and that saddle w/fuschsia Nomad at Saks Off 5th, if there had been an additional coupon or something, I may have bit. But I have put myself on voluntary ban until I can get the Edie I really have my eye on, also have myeye on a wallet, both current at boutique store. But I am trying to wait until the PCE.
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  14. In the 3rd picture posted, far left, middle shelf, white bags next to what looks like a taupe color bag......what are those?
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  15. Good question! I posted the pic in the ID this Coach Item thread so perhaps someone will be able to identify it.

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