Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. It's the Crosby carryall
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  2. Thanks Katev!
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    Here's a couple of spy pics taken today at the Rosemont, IL outlet. They were giving out the tiered coupon at the door and they had some FP delete bags and wallets and also some jewelry and watches.

    I also checked out the men's store and they had a small clearance section at 70% off that had some very nice wallets and small leather goods.

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  4. I am loving the color variety! Thanks for the pics :smile:
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  5. Report from Woodbury Common today... A lot of Brooklyn's (I think they were anyway, didn't get a look at the tag), a bunch of Nomads, and a ton of Indigo and Fog Aces, all 50% off plus the coupon discount. The Fog Ace was so gorgeous that I couldn't resist at 50% + 25% off - $223. I also picked up a FP leather Skinny wallet in a matching color, also at 50%+25% - $56, there was a pretty decent selection of FP delete wallets.
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  6. I went to the Aurora, IL outlet today for the last day of the tiered coupon sale. It was a beautiful day and the mall and store were crowded. They had many of the same FP delete items as previously reported including a few new things. I saw more mercer bags including a large gray mercer satchel, and they have gotten in some saddle bags and dinky bags, including the patchwork dinky. To my surprise they also had a pink and tan colorblock borough bag. They also had more swaggers and more nomads including grey and chalk nomads with snake embossed handles. They still have a lot of FP delete wallets, wristlets, and small bags.

    In clearance at 70% off they had a lot of Harley bags including snake embossed colorblock Harleys in black and chalk. They had some FP delete watches (40% off) and a few pieces of FP delete jewelry (70 % off) including a feather ring and feather pendant and the black cameo bracelet and necklace.

    Here are some spy pics.

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  7. Correction! In the post above I stated that the coupon sale ended on Monday but that was wrong, it is still going on today!
  8. Santa Barbara outlet has 75th anniversary stripe Duffle, Patricia, and Penny all in oxblood/fuchsia for 70% off markdown price. That puts the Penny at under $100. No pics since I was the only person in a very small store!
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  9. Woodbury

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  10. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  12. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  13. Oh MY!

    Woodbury gets the good stuff. Is that a Denim Rogue and does it have different handles? Did they have many? Not that I want one but they used to do charge sends...do they anymore?
  14. *mind blown*