ID This Coach item! -- Post any Coach item name questions here! --

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  1. Ahh thank you SO much!! That's exactly what it is, looks like "cranberry" is the color. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Hello! Can anyone tell me the name of this bag or a number? It's an older bag but I can't find it online anywhere. I came across it on an old video and love it and need it, lol. Thanks for your help!

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  3. If you show us a picture of the inside of the tag, we can tell you exactly what the style name and color names are.
  4. Can someone help ID this bag? Measures about (key word, about. My measurements NEVER seem to jive with Coach's) 12 1/2"L x 8 1/2"H x 4"D at base (tapers up to about 2"). I believe it to be from the Lightweights collection, and it's pre-organized serial #... that's all I really know. I'd love to have a name to put with it... The pocket where the creed patch is is also stamped irregular down at the bottom. DSCN8010.JPG DSCN8017.JPG DSCN8022.JPG DSCN8023.JPG DSCN8015.JPG
  5. We've only seen this style recently and unfortunately, no one has found an official name or style number for it. We also believe it is from the Lightweights collection. There is a discussion about it earlier in this thread.
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    Without trying to find the earlier discussion, I have photos that may have been saved from it of the same style in a light tan or Putty shade. "Unknown Flight-like but no strap + diff base" is the only title. I know that doesn't help much.

    I'm not sure this would be a Lightweght even thought the creed pic in my files shows "Made in USA" which was usually used for Lightweights and which would place it in the late 1980s. It looks like it has the heavy-duty industrial zipper and I don't remember that being used on Lightweights, it seems like it would have defeated the purpose.

    unk-Flight-like but no strap+diff base-d.jpg unk-Flight-like but no strap+diff base-c.jpg
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  7. Can you guys ID this bag?

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  8. Post clear photos of the creed patch and serial number.
  9. I recently snapped this picture at the Aurora, IL outlet; can someone identify the white and gray satchel bags on the middle shelf on the left?

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  10. Look like crosby carryall to me
  11. The Crosby with the sides in?
  12. Thanks!
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  14. Thank you!! Ah! It came in red! [emoji7] Must find it!!
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