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  1. Does anyone have information about this scarf? Thank you. IMG_1486094174.440235.jpg IMG_1486094197.942632.jpg
  2. I bought one like that for my daughter in 2012. Style #F82844 signature metallic knit muffler.
  3. Thank you! I absolutely love it.
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  4. I missed this post. Thank you. :smile:
  5. Can anyone identify this bag by Coach?
    I believe it might be from 2011 or 2012 collections but I am not sure of the bag or family name. Thanks!
  6. It's a Pinnacle Leather Allie #18665 from 2011.
  7. thanks ;)
  8. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Can anyone tell me what bag/pattern this is? Found it at a consignment shop and interested to know what it is!
  9. If it is authentic, it would be a Daisy Pop C Print Hobo. It looks like the the word "craftsmanship" is misspelled. Are my eyes fooling me?
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  10. It looks like CRARTSMANSHIP to me.
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  11. I believe this is an unusual but legitimate Coach spelling mistake.

    Here are a couple of other listings that appear to have R instead of F in "craftsmanship."

    The following shows an "R" quite clearly:

    coach 21362 spelling error craftsmanship=crartsmanship.jpeg
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  12. Whateve, wow...I checked this bag over and over and missed that misspelling! Thanks for catching it.
    BeenBurned, where can I find information about documentation of this legitimate error? Is there any?

    I'm a Coach newbie so I really appreciate you guys helping me out!
  13. Other than their catalogs, Coach doesn't publish any information about much of anything. Anything we know about serial numbers, plant codes, date codes, fonts, creed text over the years, etc. is information some of us anal-retentive geeks have studied and collected over the years. And without meaning to sound superior, I would guess that the authenticators here on TPF are probably more knowledgeable (overall) than Coach employees.

    I'm basing my opinion that these are authentic bags with a legitimate spelling error on my years of studying, handling, selling, buying and authenticating Coach items. When we find an abberation such as this, it's generally assumed that it's not a OOAK occurrence. And finding several of the same item with the same mistake (when every other detail of the bag is correct) confirms that the likelihood of a factory worker in China (who likely doesn't read English) misread the letter.
  14. Can anyone help me with this bag? I have googled and searched bay and other resale sites and can't figure out what this bag is called or what it would be worth. My MIL gave it to me to sell but I can't find any reference to price it. I don't know much about Coach, but I think this is legacy lining? I believe it was purchased at an outlet and the sale price (written in red) says $349.99. Anyone know what the bag is called or what it might be worth? TIA!
    IMG_2314.JPG IMG_2315.JPG IMG_2316.JPG IMG_2317.JPG IMG_2318.JPG
  15. I think it's the limited edition Bleecker Street leather Barrett satchel. I found a suede one on eBay once but didn't buy it. Not sure if it's still on there for sale. No idea what it's worth is. I guess it depends on how bad a person wants it and is willing to pay. :smile: