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  1. It's a Bedford Briefcase, style 5273. The catalog doesn't specifically mention that it's from the Carriage Classics line but it has the same details and was made at the same time, early 1990s
  2. Thank you! Interesting that they don't specify the line.
  3. I'm hoping someone can identify this bag. I bought it a while back at an online auction that didn't have a name or number for it. I later thought that I might have a fake so asked. Whateve is familiar with it and knows it's authentic, but couldn't remember the name. There is no style number anywhere in the bag. I hate that they do that to so many smaller bags! I'm hoping someone knows either the name or number."]Authenticate This COACH[/URL]
  4. It's a leather top handle pouch from the outlet store #F45610
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  5. Thank you! Curiosity was killing me and I'm too young to die! LOL!
  6. I'm not sure if you mean by "review" if you meant to ask if it's authentic, but it is. The correct name is Soft Legacy Small Backpack. It has another 7 years to go before it's "vintage".
  7. Sorry Hyacinth I did me authenticate... thank you for the additional info..
  8. I have also asked in the swagger clubhouse but does anyone know the name of this swagger with a nmiddle zipped section?
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  9. My swagger carryall from coach online has only one big compartment inside?
  10. Swagger Carryall tote. I have one in green #36488 but prefer my regular Swaggers to this one.
  11. Thank you carryall sold by coach europe didnt have the central zipped section! Too confusing
  12. There is a Carryall and a Carryall tote in USA. Carryall tote has the compartments and imo just a bit more basic than the Carryall.
    They do confuse us by how they name their Swaggers though... I mean looking for a Swagger Crossbody.. there's a Crossbody wristlet, crossbody clutch, Crossbody shoulder bag... Lol why make it easy. Speaking about the Carryall, there is the 15, 20, 21, 27, 37, 47. Yeah you know Coach.
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  13. My green carryall is 34408 just checked my coach account?
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