ID This Coach item! -- Post any Coach item name questions here! --

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  1. #1 Jan 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 10, 2009
    Post any questions you have here about identifying Coach bags or accessories, new or old! :tup:


    Hi girls. I never really visit this board, but I have been buying Coach stuff for a long time now.I'm a huge fan of the Legacy line (even though I don't have any pieces from it:sad:), and tons of other styles like the Sabrina. Anyway, I used to just buy stuff at the Coach outlet that I liked without knowing the names. That's fine for me, but now I want to try and list some things on *bay/craigslist, and I don't know their names! I know the MJ board hs a thread called "Name this bag", but I didn't see anything like that here, so I started this thread to ask for any help on naming these bags. I also tried searching in the reference library, but didn't have much luck. Thanks so much-I appreciate all the help!

    White Soho Swing pack (this is the only one I kind of know the name of-is this the official name?):

    Black signature messenger style bag:

    purple w/ orange leather trim wristlet:

    Black leather wristlet:

    Thanks for all your help girls-I really appreciate it!

  2. White bag looks like a soho duffel
    Black signature kinda looks like a signature ergo

    Not sure on other 2, but if you look at the tag and do a search on ebay, that can help you figure out names as well.
  3. With the bags you can look up the style number on the creed and do a search on eBay. The white bag has the price tag on it with the name. Wristlets will be the harder ones to name.
  4. ^ I agree with Hisgeeky and grayxie! Using the style numbers on the tags and inside creeds on Bay will help! Good luck with finding the rest! Maybe even putting in descriptions of the wristlets on Bay will come up with the same wristlet where they will have the name and all details listed as well!
  5. I wanna say the first one is a Soho Leather Duffle.

    No clue about the black....

    Pink/Orange wristlet is a Field Wristlet - #3431

    No clue about the black leather wristlet
  6. I've been seeing a bunch of threads recently requesting ID's on some older (and newer) bag styles.

    Maybe we could compile all of these here and even make this a reference thread?

    If anyone has questions, feel free to post here! :smile:
  7. I found this bag at an outlet in williamsburg, va and its so cute but I know nothing about the it. black soft pebble leather the code is 12917. Could you tell me what year this came out? thanks!
  8. creed pic? Or full serial info?
  9. the black wristlet looks like a Hamptons.
  10. I assume your bag looks like this: [​IMG]

    It's from the Hamptons collection and I think it would just be called a Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag? As for the year, it's a fairly recent release so I'd say 2008.

  11. Last weekend, I bought this Hamptons 12917 in black leather and I absolutely love it! They are 50% off at the outlet. It's perfect for those who prefer a small-medium bag 11x7x3. The leather is so very soft and lightweight. Now thinking about getting the other colors in leather and some decorative keyfobs. This will be my 2009 everyday bag. :heart::yahoo::yes:
  12. I just visited the outlet, and saw this blue hobo on the clearance shelf.
    I can't remember the name of it though....can anyone help? Thanks!
    (The other bag is the Ergo Convertible Tote, available in brown and magenta!)

  13. Not positive, but it looks like a laced soho hobo to me.
    What does it say on the pricetag?

    Anyone else know for sure?
  14. You're quick! It is a soho, but not sure what the exact name is. Here is the coded words on the tag: SOH LTH LCD LG HOBO. So what would LCD be? :confused1:

    ETA- Nevermind, I think it's laced!
  15. LCD = Laced. It is the Soho Leather Laced Large Hobo. :yes:
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