Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  2. We'd better get busy [​IMG]
  3. is it on the US version??
    coz i don't see it on NAP, which shows me UK version (i think, they do it for the logistics purposes)
  4. UK NAP has it only in black
  5. I actually didn't know NAP has a different version in the UK. When I access it here in the United States, I see barolo on sale. I don't see the black version on sale.
  6. in UK NAP it's 'seasonal pick' which means selected items on sale
    when i type manually to access NAP US it shows me a msg 'there's no shipping in your area', when i go to general NAP, it brings me to UK by default

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  7. When I look at NAP Canada I only see barolo, no black.
  8. i guess this is due to ease of shipping from US to Canada.
  9. Thanks for your post, @GoStanford, about the barolo baseball cervo on sale. I have been looking at baseball cervos (and admiring @ksuromax's collection) for a long time. Recently, there was a red one on sale at NM, but I hesitated. Then I find out that baseball cervo will be retired. Well, that just pushed me over the edge. I just ordered the barolo baseball cervo. :biggrin:
  10. Yeeey!!! :woohoo:
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  11. Excited! It will be my largest cervo bag. I'm going to cuddle with it on the sofa.
  12. Largest??? Don't you have a Loop?? Grey...
  13. I mean, Large, not the smaller pink
  14. Am i mistaken? :confused1:
  15. Oh, yeah, I do have the large Cervo Loop, lol! I think the baseball Cervo is about the same size...or a little bigger?