Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  1. @ksuromax, you have a good memory. I have a large NLG Loop and a medium desert rose Loop.
  2. Yup. Big Sister watching you. :graucho:
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  3. Ha ha, I love that!
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  4. It's not bigger for sure.
    It has a different shape, NS vs EW, but Loop feels more roomy thanks to its wide base.
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  5. Did you see my comparison?
  6. Oh yes! Makes sense that the Loop would feel roomier b/c it’s E/W. N/S bags always look bigger to me and they look bigger on me since I’m petite. But I don’t care. I love that baseball cervo.
  7. I loved it, too
    Was watching it for a while on UK NAP, planning to get it for my Bday, alas, it got sold before it was time to order. But i found a Barolo Loop, in pristine condition, at a cost of a wallet. Good to have a different shape for a change, and Barolo is such a great and easy colour to wear! You will love yours!!! :heart:
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  8. +1!
  9. Ridiculous to discontinue a best selling design ('baseball'). BV are nuts!
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  10. When I was in the store and asked why none were on display, and the SA told me, I was shocked. I was hoping he was mistaken but even the one that was on the NM site seems to be gone. I’m now fearful that the largest cervo loop might be in danger. I only see the smaller two versions on the US BV website. I haven’t asked, but I’m glad I already have the ones I need. I better text my regular SA now and ask....
  11. #41 Dec 6, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
    Yup. Just heard back. The baseball cervo’s Have gone on sale....The large cervo loop is safe for now. Yay!
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  12. How do you store your cervo loops and cervo? My pillows and cabats can sit on the shelves. Looking for efficient storage ideas for my slouchy loops......
  13. I store all my bags stuffed with rolled up towels and in their dust bags in large deep closet drawers or cabinets. I don’t have any open shelves in my closet except for shoes.
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  14. Thanks. I have an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” brain. Maybe I can hang my jeans and use that shelf for stuffed bags....
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  15. every each is in her dustbag, and they are in a 'pancakes' pillar, one on top of the other, i keep the opening of the dustbag out so i can quickly have a look of who is inside without pulling the bag out.