Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  1. Agree....not unlike discontinuing the mini cabat, original Veneta and Montaigne.....all good sellers unlike their updated versions.
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  2. I store my much smaller collection the same way. Cervo seems to want to stack flat...
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  3. Question-
    I’m thinking of buying the Med Cervo but not sure I will like all my things pooled in the bottom. Does this bother you when you use your Cervo?
    I had a Sloane and this bag reminds me that.
  4. I have the large and that can be an issue with that size for me. However, I think that’s probably less of a problem with the smaller (medium) cervo. I tried one out and it’s not so deep or full. I think the scaled down size made access easier. But that was only a brief experience. Since I haven’t owned one, hopefully someone else will chime in with more concise information......sorry I can be of more help....they’re selling like hot cakes so they must be fairly easy to use....
  5. I will probably get the Med Cervo and try it. I love the look of it, simple and classic with that BV style.
    Thanks for your insight.
  6. It does feel like carrying a sloane (I have the ferro) but more compact. I will see if I can some time to do a photo comparison. I suggest to try in store. You can also consider using a bag organizer so that your items do not pool in the bag.
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  7. I have the medium and nothing pools in the middle......the contents line up much like they do in a large Veneta and nothing moves.
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  8. Thank you for that, I was hoping they would line up like they do in my Venetas. The med Cervo looks like the same size as the med Veneta. This is my first Cervo, all my other BVs are woven.
  9. The medium cervo seems to be more like the size of the large veneta.
  10. It is.......
  11. I am LOVING the large Nero Cervo Loop. Black BV cervo leather is dreamy. I've been thinking of black cervo for a few years now but kept thinking I should get a color because black is so basic. It may be basic but it's amazing!!!
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  12. +1
    i got black first, and then Barolo
  13. I love my Medium Cervo - I was afraid of the same but just like what others said, things stay put for this size - I never have trouble finding things inside....
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  14. I had the same question before I got mine in September .... it maybe basic but it is amazing and I LoVE my Nero cervo loop! (I had asked whether I should get Nero BV whilst I already have black bags from other brand )
  15. Went to San Francisco this past weekend and visited the BV store. I was told there were only 3 left in the country. Now there are only 2:P.

    Agree with others, Black BV Cervo leather is a-m-a-z-i-n-g :heart:

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