Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  1. I recently saw yet another (even smaller) version of the cervo loop online. So, apparently, there are now three versions, plus the new cervo tote. As a fairly recent cervo loop convert, I decided that it might be helpful to round up all the versions in one place. These photos came from the BV site and the NM site. Not all include modeling photos, but I’m hoping members will add theirs. I did try to include measurements and current prices.
    762FEB76-2EA1-470D-ABC1-E9ECFA8BF842.jpeg C428536B-3FCA-428C-9D95-A538E599E8BF.jpeg 47B0D692-53AD-413A-A953-72A974E3B7A0.jpeg 17BC0CB1-AA4F-4D36-971F-CF53E8292DA4.jpeg
  2. Do these bags have a nice slouch or more structured?
  3. the smallest one looks very alike to my 'shoulder bag' with braided handle, seems like a new take on it
  4. They’re very slouchy....although I don’t know about the tote, as I’ve never seen it.
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  5. This one is not slouchy but still quite soft. The handle is very pretty - full intrecciato... this is a photo IRL...

  6. Thank you, @diane278, for posting these comparison pics. I really like the small shoulder bag and tote. I hope to see more colors.
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  7. Now that BV is retiring the baseball cervo loop, I’m afraid that the large cervo loop will be next to go. I know they’re a bit big but I can wear them comfortably over a jacket or coat. The next size smaller loop is a great size, but the shoulder strap is too short for me to wear it over a jacket.
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  8. I didn't know bv is retiring the baseball :crybaby:
  9. This is news to me as well!
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  10. Well, i am well stocked up.
    It's a shame, but i am prepared
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    I could have sworn that Neiman Marcus had a barolo cervo loop over the weekend online, but I don't see it now.

    ETA: I found it! It's on the Net-a-Porter website *on sale.* I'm very tempted but I have learned through trial and error that I'm not able to pull it off. I often hand-carry my bags, and the Cervo hobo almost drags on the ground if I do that, so I have to hoist it up, and it doesn't look that elegant on me when I do that (I think).
  12. When I was in San Jose over Thanksgiving, I stopped by the store. Danah wasn’t in but I spoke with one of the young men there and he told me that the baseball cervo was being retired. I think NM still has it in red on their site....
  13. I don't have nearly enough :shocked:
  14. run, Forest, run!!!! :lol:
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  15. :lol::lol::lol: