Odd leather smell

  1. I just got called 3 days ago that my replacement bag is in! I turned it in October 11th so for those of you who would like a good idea of how long it takes -- about 5 months for me. Not bad since they told me it could be till June... But it was a standard Birkin 35 Togo.
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  2. i have a special order birkin in etain and blue lin. I just sent to the shop, still waiting for reaponse from Paris
  3. I've been following this tread from a distance, thinking my Q and R bags will never have this issue...Going to Paris next week with my stinky etoupe togo Q stamp, that I bought in 2013 in a H store for 20% more compared to the price in France. Do I get a refund according to my receipt or the current price in Paris? I cannot look at an etoupe bag, associating the colour with the stinky smell. I used to carry my bag only in winter and late autumn, but now the spring sun activated the smell.

    Going to test my other autumn winterbag R stamp togo Bleu Ocean in summer. I really like the bag and hope it's fine.

    I don't understand how the stinky smell developed, haven't used the bag more than 30 times, so it's in excellent condition.
  4. Update to my previous post:
    Hermès has been very professional and my bag is being evaluated as we speak. I'm very pleased with the procedure and wouldn't expect anything less, because after all it's Hermès
  5. Hello all, i have been resistance for no reason really, and last week i gave up. i took 2 Q stamp bags in to the boutique. the smell never went....it stayed on and on and on and on and on...... i don't know what i was trying to prove holding on to those 2 munchkins. btw they were both togo. etain and noir birkins
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  6. Good luck! I hope you will not have to wait too long for your replacements. I am sorry this happened to you. I also had a few problematic bags which needed replacement. Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution!!
  7. Do the epsoms ever have a weird chemical like smell? I have one in black that smells kind of chemically. I think it's the dye.
  8. Not all
    Only a handful faulty production few years back
  9. I just bought one made recently with a dye smell.
    I tend to be very sensitive with smells like this. It could just be me. I'll have to ask my sister or mom.
  10. I know the smell you are talking about. I had one epsom bag that had the true "skunk" smell, and another with that odd strong chemical smell. The skunk one was replaced, but I haven't done anything with the odd chemical smelling bag. I just don't know what to think of that one. If you decide to bring it to H for them to examine, please keep us posted. I am sorry you have any issue at all with your bag. None of my other epsom SLGs have this chemical smell. Good luck!
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  11. How long have you had the one with the chemical smell? I think over time the bag will off gas. Whatever dye they used was pretty intense. I don't know if I want to bring it in because it was a hard to get bag, but will let you know if I do.
  12. I had this problem. It was a 2014 epsom evelyne and it smelled strongly of chemical. I took it to my home store. SA there even claimed there was no problem with epsom but i insisted that they send it to Paris for checking. Sadly, they said they've just sent a batch of bags the week before and it'll be another 6 months until they'll be able to send mine. It'll probably be a year's wait before I get feedback and who knows how long before I get my bag back
  13. Final update:
    Hermès has been both professional and very quick. My bag is defective. Case closed, I will get another bag instead.
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  14. i just turned in 2 of my smellies. still waiting to hear from paris..... I'm glad your baggie is in process. happy ending :heart:
  15. Thank you, I hope they process your 2 bags quickly too