Odd leather smell

  1. I have evelyne that is L stamped and until now I can smell the leather scent (love it and addicted to it!!) but then I recently purchased this second hand b35 K stamped but has no scent in it. Is this normal? I thought one of the H bags distinct characteristic is the great leather smell that lasts for a long time???...
  2. I purchased a T stamp (2015) anemone epsom kelly 32 from a reseller. Gorgeous. Tilll I took it out driving on a sunny day and thought I'd hit a skunk. Sigh.

    I thought I was safe with the year and the leather. Now it randomly smells like my kelly was invited to a party that I wasn't.

    Took it to Madison, and they were great about emailing Paris to see what my options are. I love the color too much to part with it just yet...
  3. T stamp?? I thought that was a safe year! :shocked:
  4. Me too!!!
  5. My chèvre octogone from 2016 smells like plastic inside. Outside doesn't smell. It is very strong. The same smell is on my Gucci padlock wallet which was more like plastic-firework smock smell. Is this common these days? Not just with H but also Gucci. I never had any of my other birkin or Kelly smell like this, not any type of leather. I don't know what to do The smell is too strong. I did air out but no luck.
  6. When in doubt
    Just bring it to the store for assessment
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