Odd leather smell

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  1. Is Togo leather supposed to strongly smell like the mix of rubber and grass? I received an Ulysse in togo bleu jean from h.com and the smell is so unpleasant. I left it in a closed bedroom for half a day and on my return, the odour was overpowering. Does this eventually go away?

    My experience with Hermes leather so far has been only with tadelakt and it most definitely does not make me want to choke.
  2. I don't think H items ever have strong smells of any kind. I think you should return it.
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  3. My new togo would exhale its odour in my closed closet for example, but the smell would only remind me of exquisite H boutique and I love it. However your case could be exceptional since its animal hide we are talking about after all.
  4. My bi color special order in my avatar smells very odd to me and reminds me of the glue smell
  5. I have been wondering if it could be this particular dye. Usually, I am not terribly fussy when it comes to odors, but the smell is too much for me. Husband says it reminds him of Tire Barn.

    Thank you all, I will return it with regret. Bleu jean is a beautiful blue.
  6. This reminds me of a TPM Gold Garden Party I got last year. The smell was not leather but an unpleasant smell from the dye. It was so strong that it smell almost like plastic, as if I got a fake bag. Luckily, I got it from the H store but the smell lasts for weeks. Usually I would keep the bag in the box to keep the pleasant leather smell but with that GP, I had to air it out as often as I can. It was definitely weird.
  7. Hmmm, I think this is odd. I have Ulysse in togo in a couple colours and they just smell like leather, and very lightly at that.
  8. I just received a Ulysse mm from H.com in malachite Togo and it does smell a little. To me, it smells a little like skunk. It's not completely overpowering but it does smell nonetheless. I hope the smell will go away with time, because I love the color too much to return it.
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  9. A friend described this smell to me on her new birkin....like plastic or something? I don't know, I don't have an item like this...
  10. My etain Kelly emits a strong skunk smell too sometimes. I think I will ask my SA about this as it's quite embarrassing to carry around. I'm so happy there was a thread on this, I thought I was nuts.
  11. Yes, skunk is a better way to describe it. Mine smells so strong, I can't live with it.

    Still, I'm laughing at the idea of a skunk wandering around the Hermes warehouse!
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  12. I know what you mean, I hesitated to post this because I have never seen this come up on tpf.
  13. Nico!!!! My Soufre Birkin has the same smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted in Docrides thread about 2 months ago to see what she thought bc I'm so sad about this problem. It only smells when it gets hot... like if it is sitting in my car, on the seat in the sun... or on a hot day... or in a really heated room. I bought the bag Last March so it was cold. I never discovered the smell until this summer =( Nothing I have done has helped to rid the smell. I have decided I will live with it as I can't bare to think of what H would say to me if I brought the bag in. Please tell me what your SA says about this. Maybe then I will have the courage to speak up too.
  14. My birkin has this smell and it has been "aired out" since this past March when I bought her. STILL SAME SMELL =(
  15. Imagine having that smell in a BIRKIN =(
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