Odd leather smell

  1. Thank you so much. I will go to the store and see what they can do for me.
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  2. Also contact your seller immediately in case you end up doing a return (which is what I would do).
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  3. Yes I did actually. She is willing to take it back. She said she will take to the boutique and try to do the replacement for me. I will get a refund minus some deposit for the replacement bag. Do you think I made a right decision? Should I just ask for the whole refund?
  4. Ask for a whole refund. The replacement takes FOREVER! I turned in an Etoupe stinky in Sept and was told I MAY get it by this June. That's 9mo.
  5. At least all of you have a chance to send back the bag. The store here flatly refused. The SA said there is no record of such leather issue, and since I have used the bag, they will not take the bag in. :sad:
  6. Where are you located? This is a well known issue within Hermes.
  7. Cancel cancel....Please ask for the full refund and put this behind you.... it will take forever to get a replacement that is if H agrees "she" will get one....If something happens you will not get protected in court!
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  8. Singapore
  9. Get a full refund in this case, even though I know the many Hermes stores in Singapore will help you. ;)
  10. Curious: What leather? What year?
  11. Luckily the boutique took the constance back and will send it to Paris for a replacement. Hopefully, it will not take too long.
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  12. I bought an epsom evelyne a few years back. Didn't know there was a skunk smell issue with epsom, so I just assumed it really smelled like that. But now I know better because of this thread. Just curious, do you guys think they'd still replace it after a few years? Also, I bought it in Macau during a vacation. Is it possible to ask my home store to replace it? Hope someone can help me with this because it really is stinky :sad:
  13. Yes. I just turned in two stinky bags a few months ago, and they were both from 2014, and I had used both of them. You can go to any H boutique.
  14. Thank you so much cinderbellas! Will do that
  15. I got my replacement bag back! Yay!
    It was a 2014 Turquoise K32. I really love it but noticed it smelly last summer. There is no H store close to me now so I had to drop it to NY Madison store during a trip in Sep 2016. Around 3 months timeline, end of Nov, I called to check status. They told me Paris received the bag and unable to clean so agree to replace. However turquoise is not in production so they gonna give me blue paon. Well if it's a K28, I would go ahead. So I asked for a neutral color, they ok with etain at the end. Another 3 months passed by, around end of Feb, I called again to check. After a week, they said the bag arrived. I got it shipped to my home store in CA and picked up during trip.
    Hope my experience helps the others here.
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