Non-H Shoulder Strap Success

  1. Thanks, candyapple15 - yes, the same. I see from my picture the lighting is strange and the RM hardware looks almost gold, but its not. The H hardware is a bit shinier, but doesn't matter.
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  2. IMG_4493.JPG IMG_4490.JPG I bought a red/grey fendi strap for my bag with missing shoulder strap and surprisingly the red on strap is identical to my red bolide. They match perfectly except the strap is in PHW but bolide in GHW. I use a twilly to cover the hardware and now it looks acceptable. Thanks for letting me share.
  3. looks great!!
  4. I think it looks good with the blues complementing each other and pink embroidery to add interest.
  5. That looks like an amazing match on the reds! Wouldn't have noticed the hardware difference if you hadn't pointed it out.

    How does it wear with the Fendi strap on the bolide? Does it fall to the hip area or just to the waist?
  6. thanks!
  7. I think this is beautiful and a perfect match. I have a blue unit K28, Wondering if the strap has variable length for shoulder and cross body?
  8. This is beautiful! Can you tell me which red this is? I've got a RG bolide I'd love to match a strap to
  9. IMG_4655.PNG

    The fendi strap is with the same length as the strap of bolide 31, so the bag do fall to the hip, I am 5.3' fyi. Here is a pic of strap length. The etoupe is from bolide 31, fendi strap in the middle, the thin red strap is from my bolide 37, it is approx 3 inches shorter than the other 2. Hope this info helps.

  10. My bolide 37 was bought from a reseller and no info on exact colour (it's from year 1992) but I think it is Rouge VIF or Casaque, and the color of the photo is very close to real bag you may compare. The fendi strap should be from 2016. Hope this info helps.
  11. Hi bagalogist - this strap is not adjustable. It is a little too long for a shoulder strap for me, but good for cross body. I am 5'9", for reference, and not very skinny...
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  12. IMG_1498268530.458537.jpg
    Found this cutie in GHW (middle strap) and it works perfectly with...

    Black Bolide 31

    Rouge Grenat K28

    Etoupe K28
  13. Here is another option for those who'd like a longer, adjustable non-leather strap:

    You can choose color of hardware too! I got one for my vintage Ferragamo kelly-style bag and love it.

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