Non-H Shoulder Strap Success

  1. Super glad there is a tread for this :smile:

    I am wondering if anyone has luck finding a strap that is perfect for single loop hook kellys. I have a vintage box calf bag that dates back to 1998 so there isn't the option of hooking a strap up on the outside hook, but simply adding the strap on the handle hooks.

    I think the fendi straps has bigger clips so it will definitely be super snug and might rub off on the the leather.

    Not sure if anyone has any suggestions on this. Thx!
  2. Yes, there are quite a few pre-2000 Kellys in this thread with various solutions. H straps work fine and many people like Mautto. Basically you want hooks that are fairly slender in construction and you want to ensure they aren't rubbing against either the top of the bag nor its handle.

    People will jump in now and tell you how bad this is for your Kelly, but Hermès made Kelly straps in the single-ring days also, just not as a standard. Just don't overload the bag, etc., and you will be fine :smile:
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  3. Haha, yes! Thank you for the tip :smile: I did look around and found that the Mautto may be a good option. I would love to bring my Kelly into the H store to get a replacement strap but that waiting process is just too overwhelming. I asked my SA and she said it can take Appx. 1 years or more.............. :shocked:

    I wonder if anyone has any experience with the Louis Vuitton straps on these vintage kellys. I just love the their adjustable length option :

    Since my original kelly strap is misplaced somewhere during my constant moves, I want to find a simple shoulder strap replacement that can be easily adjusted in case I want to do a cross-body, or if I want to shorten it, I can have the option to do so LOL.
  4. So Sorry for the late reply - didn't get a notification from TPF on this. The specs on the Bolide strap from Mautto as attached. I also specified how I wanted it stitched. This length is for shoulder carry.

    If you want it crossbody, I would recommend doing a measurement with the bag and tape measure. Good luck!

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  5. Thank you so much !!!
  6. I need a shorter strap and am looking at the options on Mautto. Can anyone make some color suggestions?? Help!
    webstraps solid.jpg webstraps stripe.jpg
  7. I don't know if you are looking for a more sportier look. I think style 1 may work well for you. Regarding a solid, perhaps the gray. I have difficulty discerning the tones in etoupe. I have a gold and bleu nuit (midnight blue) evie and purchased 3 styles (5, 7, and 8) for versatility. GL deciding.
  8. Thank you. I am thinking the gray will be too cool toned - the Etoupe to me has too much warm in it - more of a true darker taupe. I'm wondering how a navy would look? I don't think I'll be able to match the Etoupe color exactly. I was thinking either red or navy for a contrast like Hermes is doing some of the TPM's with a contrast color strap. Any other suggestions?
  9. Or maybe even the natural because of the white/natural stitching in the Evie?
  10. Bi everyone - can you tell me what you think of this? Its a Rebecca Minkoff embroidered canvas strap that i was thinking of using with my bleu nuit bolide, but the strap is black with blue and pink embroidery. Are the colors okay together? Thanks.
  11. Hi sydneybob! Do you mind sharing what size is your Kelly? it looks great on you. I am curious because i am just a little taller than you and I like the way this size looks. Thanks.
  12. Wow, StyleEyes!! I want you to help me shop and style me!!
  13. it's looks good, how about the hardware colour? are they the same?