Non-H Shoulder Strap Success

  1. I recently bought a pre-loved Bolide but it did not come with a shoulder strap. Since I'm more of a shoulder carry person, I've been looking at solutions to this dilemma. If what I'm reading is correct, hermes straps are hard to come by, takes months if not years and provided that they will even consider accepting strap orders. So what's a girl gonna do to get a strap?

    I searched the web for custom strap solutions and found one that I like. Was able to choose the color of leather, stitching, length and buckle. Very happy with the results - let me know what you think? Would you ever go for non-H strap to match your bags? Also, please do share your stories on strap solutions.

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  2. I have this chamonix rouge H Bolide, and I think you did very will with your strap! The color looks perfect and the white stitching is a great match! Congrats! Would you mind sharing where you did this?

    I have used the black canvas strap from my TPM Garden Party on my black 28 togo retourne Kelly. It works perfectly for cross body.
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  3. Wow ahhgoo - that is a terrific get! The strap looks made for the bag.
  4. I got this strap from Very nicely done, well wrapped and packaged when I received it. Turn around time for custom order is also pretty fast. Leather is good quality from what I can feel/smell :P
  5. Thanks MYH. That's my thought exactly. Can't believe the match in color
  6. I think this was very inventive and a great solution to your shoulder strap problem! I will keep this site in mind just in case I ever need it! The strap looks awesome-can't believe you were able to get such a great color match and with the contrast stitching! Wonderful! It always amazes me how inventive H ladies can be :smile:
  7. Good idea. I was thinking of getting a non H strap for my brown box calf kelly too.
  8. That is perfect!!! Good to know !
  9. Wow this looks great! I might look for custom made canvas straps for my Kelly!
  10. Let me know if you find a good site for canvas straps :smile: Also looking for that too for a different look. I think there might be some on eBay if I recall but not a lot of color choices other than white, black or brown.
  11. Yes! I definitely will! :smile: Sometimes when the going gets tough, I do wish that the leather straps would magically morph into the more comfy canvas ones... the thinner leather straps do dig into to the shoulders once you lug around too many things. But it is such an elegant look..... :love:
  12. Fantastic solution! Thanks for sharing it and enjoy your beautiful bolide!
  13. Wow! You did an amazing job matching the color. It looks wonderful.
  14. Thanks Jujubay and sydneybob. Enjoying it more now than I can shoulder carry my purse for those hands-free needed days.
  15. That looks amazing - what's their process for colour matching? I desperately need about four Kelly straps!
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