Non-H Shoulder Strap Success

  1. Hi, I have the first Evelyne with the short shoulder strap and have been looking for an additional strap but about 40" - 44" or about 110cm long. I've found allot of great straps but none long enough. Has anyone found longer Crossbody straps? TIA!
  2. I wonder if anyone has found a wonderful non-H strap to go with a geranium Kelly? My canvas strap order was rejected by Paris because I wanted ghw to match my bag but I feel I would use my K so much more with a thicker strap. Love to hear/see any success with this or a similar color?
  3. I don't know how you would feel about LV products but LV also jump into the strap business & they actually have some basic ones that's adjustable.

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    I've been looking for a black strap with gold hardware for my black Kelly and it has to be a balance of feminine yet not too delicate form. I stumbled into Prada today, found the best match so far after the long search... Yes, I was so excited, I dropped my wallet on the floor while paying for the strap... And yes, I walked out of Prada with the strap on my Kelly :smile: I may remove this lock/clochette combo as it looks too busy on the bag.
    IMG_0087.JPG IMG_0086.JPG
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  5. Really love this....such an interesting but elegant solution!
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  6. I think Prada makes the best straps, better than Fendi. The length is always perfect. This looks amazing on your kelly.
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  7. I agree and just received my second Prada strap. Now that spring is here I have been kind of missing the pink Fendi bag I recently rehomed but decided to try something less expensive than a whole new bag. I think this works pretty well for a fun pop with a neutral.
    IMG_0752 2.jpg
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  8. The strap looks fabulous on your Kelly, in fact your whole outfit is beautiful. For me, the lock/clochette looks just fine on the bag (very classy), the most distracting/busy looking thing is the twilly.
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  9. I wouldn't even attempt to match this color and would look for a strap that was multicolored with a touch of a red in it. It would be a fresh look and not difficult to find in a far less expensive strap.
    This is wonderful!! I love the idea of pink with the etoupe!
  10. It's terrific. totally a different look. love it
  11. Looking more at it, i agree... only if I am brave enough to use the handle without it.
  12. Thanks! I even already have a few scarves that go nicely with the combo (which is lucky - I didn't bother to check before I ordered the strap).

    @tramcaro I may also need to pick up one like yours with the beautiful crystals - really nice with your K!
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  13. I can understand that. Maybe try a twilly in grey/taupe/noir.
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  14. Fantastic idea-- thanks for sharing! I just purchased a pre-loved orange bolide and would love to get a new strap-- perhaps cross-body. Your new strap looks perfect-- can I ask what length and width it is?