New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

  1. Can I ask why you chose GHW over the black? Thank you
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  2. Actually I could not decide. It was my SA who made the decision for me. If I went home with the all black one I would not have regretted one bit as well. Both are just as lovely :love::hbeat: :loveeyes:Sorry I am no help at all... haha
  3. Hi ladies! For those who have the camera bag with the gold hardware, how is your bag holding up? I recently sold my red camera bag as I only wore it once and honestly wish I got it in black. The red is stunning but I know I’d reach for the black way more.
  4. I'm looking at the pale pink camera bag and wondering if i need to worry about color transfer... Anyone own a light colored bag that can speak to how it is holding up?
  5. Finally arrived! I am LOVING this bag! [​IMG]
  6. Post your first impression thoughts, and what you fit inside, please!
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