New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. Can I ask why you chose GHW over the black? Thank you
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  2. Actually I could not decide. It was my SA who made the decision for me. If I went home with the all black one I would not have regretted one bit as well. Both are just as lovely :love::hbeat: :loveeyes:Sorry I am no help at all... haha
  3. Hi ladies! For those who have the camera bag with the gold hardware, how is your bag holding up? I recently sold my red camera bag as I only wore it once and honestly wish I got it in black. The red is stunning but I know I’d reach for the black way more.
  4. I'm looking at the pale pink camera bag and wondering if i need to worry about color transfer... Anyone own a light colored bag that can speak to how it is holding up?
  5. Finally arrived! I am LOVING this bag! [​IMG]
  6. Post your first impression thoughts, and what you fit inside, please!
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  7. I can’t decide between black with SHW or GHW!
    Would it be overkill to get both? And does anyone own both of these combinations? :smile:
  8. In my opinion it would be overkill since they are sooo similar. I bought shw and honestly think maybe I should have bought ghw. But if I did, then I would be wishing for the shw.... basically I think you can’t go wrong with either! I will say I noticed immediately that the leather along the zipper softens and starts to stick up a little instead of laying flat (another reason I’d recommend just buying 1...). I do really like the bag and I’m using it far more than I anticipated!
  9. If in different sizes, maybe not. Like a medium silver and a toy gold will have different uses. :smile:
  10. I originally bought the silver hardware, but then wanted the one where it was black hardwareinstead. I ended up returning the silver one, since the bag itself was the exact same thing. Have you seen the silver and gold in person? I think once you've seen them in person, you'll be able to decide. I was planning on keeping both the silver and the black hardware, but when i put the bags next to each other, I knew I was going to grab the black one each time. It was sad to return the silver one, but I figure it would be a waste to keep it and not use it.

    Good luck deciding! It's part of the fun! :biggrin:
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  11. this new color :loveeyes:
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  12. IMG_6795.JPG IMG_6796.JPG

    I searched for a while for the ghw and obsessed. Def my preference - it’s more of an understated gold. Love this bag! It holds sooo much
  13. I know! I’m so obsessed. I just can’t justify three of the same bag as I already have black and washed pink :hrmm: if I win the lottery I can sure justify it though haha
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  14. I have reserved both the red/gold and fuschia/gold. Waiting to see irl... as I have a loulou medium in black/gold, am looking at a bright Color for the camera style. Which Color do you ladies think can be dressy/casual occasion?? Initially I wanted the powdered pink but was afraid of light Color transfer.. hmmm

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