New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. I have never loved a bag this much haha. I am biased as I have the washed pink but I love all 3. The red I feel looks the dressiest but can of course be worn casually. The bright pink is gorgeous, if you don’t have any pink bags I think it’s close enough to the red but perhaps won’t go with as much. I had a hard time picking between the light pink and red myself but at the end of the day I wear a lot of light neutral colours and pastels, if you wear darker colours I say red. As you can tell I really actually am not helping at all and think you should buy all 3.
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  2. Has anyone seen the white/ivory colour in real life? Even better does anyone have real life pics?
  3. I just bought the light washed pink as well! But I'm scared to use it because of color transfer. The associate I bought it from told me not to use anything on it but another associate told me to use a natural cream and any leather protectant. What do you use to protect it?
  4. Would you believe I haven’t used it yet, I’ve only used my black so far as I wasn’t sure if it I wanted to sell the light pink as I have a few light pink bags. I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and protect mine with AppleCare. I haven’t purchased the waterproofing spray yet and I am a bit scared as I’ve never protected any of my bags.

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  5. :loveeyes::loveeyes:

    Are you going to condition it before it's first use? Ahh I'm so paranoid to use mine! I wanted to get the black/ silver but I only own dark bags so I wanted a change. Lowkey regretting it now but I just love the light washed pink.
  6. I’m really unsure, I’m just so apprehensive as they told me as well not to do anything and I haven’t done anything to my black one and I’ve used that already countless times. They even told me not to do anything to a white bag. I have a theory they say this so the bags get wrecked and you get sad and buy another one :shocked:. If you have lots of dark bags don’t regret it! So nice to have something lighter for the warmer months. I love how it looks pink sometimes then nude. Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes!
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  7. Hahaha I wish I can buy all 3 but $$ is not enough.
    I love pink and I have a fuschia Bottega but I will never have enough pink bags! And I don’t a red in my collection, need to try out the bags in store to see which matches my skin tone.
    The red/gold looks sexy and stylish..
  8. I saw a preorder color called Rose. Are there going to be any more colors released soon? Does anyone have the smooth version and have thoughts on it versus the chevron? I kind of think the chevron will crease a lot more.
  9. How is everyone's camera bag holding up? This is probably one of the best investments in a bag I've made so far! It holds so much!
  10. Bought my 2nd piece of YSL! So happy I saved on taxes as I got it from duty free.

    Here’s my beloved

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  11. OH. MY. GOSH. You made the right choice! This close up is amazing, one of the most beautiful pinks I’ve ever seen a bag be. I’m in love :heart::heart::heart:
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  12. Thank you dear! The red was dull against my skin tone. And I’m never a red person, in fact never wear red haha.
  13. Hey everyone :smile:

    Does anyone have / seen in person the Crocodile Embossed Lou Camera bag? (

    I'm wondering how shiny is the leather? Do you have any pictures of it? It's very hard to find any pics online and those on the website don't show much :-s

    The bag is unfortunately not available in the YSL shop here in Norway and I would have to oder it from abroad myself (and pay customs on it), so I want to be sure that I like it before placing an order :P
  14. Hi everyone!
    I just received my Lou camera bag yesterday and its abosolutely stunning! Looks so chic and Im in love! BUT there a few flaws.. my bag already had creases upon opening the dustbag, its not very bad and I understand that the bag will probably crease/dent over time but I expect my bag to be smooth and pristine when I first purchase. Also, the label inside has peeled off a little, exposing the light brown leather underneath. I spoke to cs and they are looking into this for a possible exchange, I really love the bag though its gorg!!
    81DEDDC7-DB55-466A-8944-CE8D70BB64EE.jpeg 7A3A6E1A-91BA-4A42-B5D3-3133ED2CCD7E.jpeg C1E9EF8D-B38B-4C17-B2A4-6B6133918594.jpeg 91DEEF0A-13BF-4F25-83A9-DD01252A9BA2.jpeg E9B96008-B3A3-4F0F-872D-82880C06C8B4.jpeg
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  15. I had creases on my camera bag too when I got it. My color combo was the last one available in the company so I couldn’t exchange it. My only options were a refund or keep it. The SA at the department store put Cadillac leather lotion on it lightly and buffed it out. I noticed my creases were gone the following day and I can’t see any at all now. I didn’t have any problems with the tag chipping. I hope you’re able to get it resolved to your satisfaction. It’s a great bag.
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