New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

  1. Oh wow!!! I loove it! I loved the black on black but I tend to wear mostly all gold tones, so that seemed to fit my lifestyle more. But I do want to get an all black bag !
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  2. Thank you so much x Unfortunately, this link is not working
    :sad: it would be amazing to get 15% off. Thanks anyway x xx
  3. I absolutely love this bag! :heart: Congratulations!
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  4. Z
  5. So excited just purchased the black in gold hardware off matchesfashion! It's my first luxury bag bought with my own money :yahoo:
    If you're from Aus defs use cashrewards you get 5% cashback, and also find a referral code to get the 15% off
  6. Black with Gold hardware IMG_20181206_165524.jpg IMG_20181206_170415.jpg IMG_20181206_165610.jpg IMG_20181206_165758.jpg IMG_20181206_170317.jpg
  7. Finally got my camera bag! Black with gold hardware. And also ordered a card case in red with gold hardware! It’s so cute!!!
    343BE588-50C8-4548-84C6-5CC0D784CBAE.jpeg 785DDF0E-3ED3-4389-BED2-28FCC9E5C8EC.jpeg
  8. Can you please explain how do you get the 15% off ? Where do you find the referal code? I live in Canada and didn’t find any. Thank you!
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  9. No Monday blues for me.. Decisions decisions.. :graucho::coolio: I'm 5ft short for reference. Gold hardware went home with me in the end :happydance:
  10. Is it just me or the strap seems really long?
    I’m having a hard time finding a basic crossbody bag atm
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  11. It’s very long. I’m 5’7 and plus size and I have to adjust it every time I wear it a different way. Kind of annoying
  12. It is very long and this photo is on the shortest setting.
    But I had the lovely SA to punch more holes in store for me there after.
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  13. I had mine at the shortest setting and it works well for me! I’m only 159cm!

  14. Yes, I've had this done on a couple of mine I prefer to wear shorter.

    I'm addicted....just picked up another quilted one this week in Faggio:biggrin:
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  15. Did you feel like this was just as dressy as the toy lou lou?