New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. Well here it is :smile: DSC00700.JPG DSC00709.JPG DSC00711.JPG DSC00705.JPG DSC00707.JPG DSC00708.JPG DSC00704.JPG
  2. And yes I do like this bag very much! :smile: It came on tuesday and I wore it yesterday.
    But I also noticed this flaw(?). It is on the strap. It looks like there is two leather pieces stiched together. Yes of course if you don't have enough long leather piece, you stich them together. But I'm not sure if this is a common way in designer bags... I have only three designer bags and none of those have this kind of stitched strap. DSC00706.JPG
  3. Congrats on the new bag! :flowers:

    Responding to your question, yes, it is pretty common with designer bags to have long straps that are stitched together.
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  4. I agree with Luv2shop1....this is common. Your bag is beautiful. I went to buy the exact same bag/color this week and bought a different bag in black. I’m still going to buy this bag but maybe in a beige color or red. It’s just lovely.
  5. The beige looks very nice, it matches well with different outfits. I also like the royal blue color of this bag. I actually admire it almost every day on their website.. Maybe I have to convince some of my friend to buy it, so I could see that beautiful color often :biggrin: Also it is my favourite nail polish color :heart:
  6. I went to the SL boutique to buy it, but it felt very cheap.
  7. Which version did you try? There are a few different variations currently available.

    I tried a few in store (matte/classic as have been picture in this thread, croc embossed and a few of the quilted ones) and was only impressed with the quilted ones that have the piping around the perimeter (some of the quilteds do not).
    This version also comes in black and pink.

    I opted for the black tulip, and it looks quite luxe while still casual....but of course everyone has different tastes.
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  8. A couple real life pics of the quilted black tulip
    Lou camera.jpg lou.jpg

    MsModernShopper also posted a pic of the lovely pale pink version in another thread
  9. How has the wear been on this bag? I keep going back to looking at this bag online and I looooove the looks of this bag! But I’m not always the most careful so I’m afraid I’d scuff the quilted leather up..
  10. The wear has been great! Granted, I've only had mine for a few weeks now, but I've worn it at least 5 times without issue.

    Some of the ones I've viewed in-store had some unnecessary creases due to improper storage of the strap inside the bag (I believe). So, I made sure to get one that was in perfect condition (they actually had to order one from the warehouse for me so it was fresh in its packaging). However, I haven't had issues with creasing myself as I store the strap loosely wrapped outside and the tassel separately inside.

    Otherwise, I just love, love, love this quilted version (with piping) of their camera bag. I can't wait until they release more colors so I can get another!!
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  11. ....just came across this video of someone unboxing a quilted one
  12. Love it!
  13. .....updating the thread with a few more reference pics from my collection of some of the variety that's been available since the style was initially released (tassels inside):
    lurex leopard and quilted calfskins in washed pink and black tulip
    Camel hair leopard and lambskin army green
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  14. Absolutely fabulous collection of classic YSL Camera bags. Such stylish yet practical bags. I love the leopard print and black tulip one. I want one in black tulip or classic black. Congratulations :smile:
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