New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. Just came across this on Nordstrom's website! I've been thinking about picking up the Gucci Soho Disco, but considering picking this up now. I wish they would have made the strap a silver chain! Definitely would have set it apart from all the other camera bags out there.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 17.00.06.png
  2. I really like it! Does it have a similar interior capacity as the Gucci Soho? I have the Gucci Soho in black and it looks small but has such a roomy interior. I absolutely love it. I can fit an i phone, sunglasses, small wallet, gum, make up and more in it. If you don't get this YSL camera bag, i suggest you get the Gucci Soho Disco.
  3. super cute and the same price as the soho disco. I need to see it in person first though.
  4. does anyone have any comments about how the leather will wear? it's a slightly pebbled smooth calf leather. the SA said it's pretty durable and much less delicate than last year's camera bag but I'd love any first hand experiences as well.
  5. Ohhh I'm curious if the front logo is embossed leather or black hardware. If it's hardware, I hope they come out with a silver version. Otherwise, I quite like this, it's like a bigger version of the YSL blogger (at the same price point for 2x the size) crossed with the Gucci Soho Disco.
  6. it's embossed, not hardware - - i think i would like it a lot more if it's in black hardware actually.
    Additionally, the picture up on the Nordstrom website makes me think that the bag will sag substantially with use. any thoughts?
  7. Hmm, if it's similar to the GSD then I would say yes. From what I've seen, that leather is very supple and does not hold its shape. (I don't own one though, so someone else may be better able to comment?) While I feel like Gucci's leather tends to be less structured than YSL's, I could definitely see this YSL bag being a slouchier silhouette than their usual.
  8. I love this bag! and I love the Disco, definitely see the similar appearance ;)
  9. It does come in a silver metallic with silver hardware and black with silver hardware. I've seen the black on farfetch and I think the black is still available but the metallic version is available for pre-order on SAKS or Neiman's. Sorry, can't remember which one exactly. Both were in chevron.
  10. Really eyeing this bag as well in dark beige! Have any of you seen it in person? IMG_1495600566.001595.jpg
  11. Just saw it. So cute and So LiGht!!!
  12. Lovely bag! I love my Gucci soho disco so I think I will love this one too..
  13. Ah I wish someone had this bag so I can see what it looks like on! Have any of you seen the beige in person? :smile:
  14. I saw in person today. Went on a hunt to see a number of bags in real life!

    Really not impressed. The leather looked like it wasn't wearing well on the display model. Comparing to a black soho disco which was also on display, this looked more scuffed and a bit deformed around the zip closure.

    Of course if you get a new one, it won't have the same damage but looking at it, I felt it wouldn't wear very well. Just my opinion.

    It looked like a similar capacity to the disco but unfortunately I couldn't compare side by side because they were in different stores.

    This one is off my wishlist now.

    That LV pochette metis though :loveeyes:
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  15. It's embossed, not hardware. X