New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. I got the green with gold hardware and the black with silver. Absolutely love them! Very well made, practical but chic at the same time! 6A86FF35-4E41-4693-A2A2-C5E584DA2427.jpeg

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  2. Two really beautiful choices! So practical and Classic timeless designs! Love the green!
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  3. Mollie King with her beautiful classic Saint Laurent YSL Lou camera bag. Love the classic logo and chevron quilting.

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  4. Love both! Congratulations :flowers:
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  5. Mollie King wearing Saint Laurent YSL Lou Camera Bag

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  6. Hi @highend and @mrs_so_loves!

    Could you please give an update on the wear and tear of the camera bags with the piping? I'm leaning towards this!

    Thanks :smile:
  7. No issues with piping whatsoever. I do rotate my bags often though and have probably only used them 10 times each.
    But thus far they look brand new.

    The leather feels a little stiffer when you get it but after one use it's sooo luxurious and soft. I love both of mine and can't recommended them enough.
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  8. Picked up my advanced birthday gift today and I couldn’t be happier I got it in navy!



    This below pic taken in store shows the navy much better! Didn’t fancy the matte croc one with the edgey logo, even my SA told me no on that one

  9. Hi Guys!

    Is the leather smooth or grained? Is it durable? How is the wear and tear? Does the hard ware keeps it colour or does it chip? I’m planning on buying the Lou camera bag quilted leather in black with gold hardware

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  10. The leather is smooth. I think it's quite durable, no issues with the two that I got. Hardware is in perfect condition, I think the chipping is more a problem with the black hardware.
    I can't recommend the bag highly enough, that's why I own it in two colours now
  11. Amazing! I love the design but wasn’t sure about the quality. This bag is such a bargain for the price! I’m excited to get it now!!!!
  12. they're all so beautiful!! i Ordered the black with gold hardware yesterday from (got 15% off!!!) so excited for it to come in!
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  13. Hi! May I ask you how did you get the discount? x
  14. There are so many color combinations for this beautiful camera bag, but i decided on black lettering on a black bag :biggrin: Lou CB.jpg
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