New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. I have the Gucci marmont (adorned version) and several SL cameras and love them all. Given the shape and strap differences, I don't really find the Gucci and SLs very similar.

    The Disco is more similar shape-wise, but just didn't do it for me.
  2. I returned one as well. At first, I fell in love because I am looking for a nice, small-ish everyday bag, and I’ve been lurking this thread for a while hehe and this looked perfect. I was torn because I liked the size, shape, leather but I didn’t like the “distressed” look of the hardware (shw). I ordered it online at Saks and the hw had like a patina but it almost looked scratched/tarnished, like the plating had rubbed off in the middle? I knew it was gonna bug me so I returned it. I don’t know if I got one with a defect or something, or maybe I’m just being particular. I’ve seen them in the Saint Laurent store but I guess I didn’t pay close attention to the hardware then, unfortunately I’m too far from an SL boutique now to go in and pick one by hand. I’d like to take a closer look at the embossed croc because the metal has a pattern and maybe the hw and leather would wear better for everyday use since it’s got that pattern. (Pics below, and I think it was more apparent in person.)
  3. if u don't like the tarnish look on the gold or silver hardware, there's always the option of the black hardware. I originally bought the silver hardware but didn't like the tarnish look either, so I bought the black hardware one instead. 20190330_133421.jpg
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  4. I love the look of the black hw too! Something to consider! The bag suits you very well.
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  5. I had this exact issue with the camera bag I purchased 2 weeeks ago. I was SO excited to make my first YSL purchase in Paris, and when I got back to my hotel room, I was appalled by how “tarnished” the silver YSL logo was. When I returned home the following day, I decided to bring it o the YSL by me, to see if they could do something. Quite frankly, for a bag that costs $$$$, you should be 100% thrilled with your purchase. I went into the boutique by me and they were absolutely wonderful. The salesman explained that because each bag is handmade, there will always be slight variations from bag to bag. Apparently some people like the more “tarnished/oxidized” look of the metal, but it was definitely not for me - especially on a bag I’d purchased two days prior! They swapped it out with no problem at all for a new one (which I was able to inspect properly before taking it home!). The moral of my story is, don’t settle! If you have your heart set on the silvertone hardware (I love the black HW, but really wanted silver), keep going til you get the perfect one. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who experienced this. Yes, the tarnished silver made it look as if I’d had the bag forever, as if it had worn away. I agree it’s a purchase best made in person so you can inspect it before buying and get the exact one you want. I wish I could go to Paris to buy one! :biggrin:
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  7. Hello,

    I am also torn between the navy and the black. Did you already decide and if so are you happy with your decision?
  8. There’s no stock in boutique where I live and still waiting. I like to see them first, the all black and the gold hw before deciding which one to buy. It’s going to be a casual everyday bag so leaning toward the all black hardware but most of my bags are black and the navy seems to be very nice too. Please let me know which one you decide to buy?
  9. Has anyone seen the Ivory and gold anywhere online? It’s gone from the Australian YSL site and Modsense. Was trying to justify having 3 of the same bag and finally sold a Gucci I wanted to use to fund a white or cream “everyday bag” and it’s gone :hrmm:
  10. I finally ordered the black and the navy one, both with GHW and will post some pics later.

    I am leaning towards the navy but I need to see them before making a decision.

    The all black is also on my radar but I could not find it online.
  11. The bags arrived I am so in love with both!

    Although the shape is kind of casual the quilting makes it a bit dressy.

    I need a navy bag and that is why I was leaning towards the blue YSL Lou but the black is such a beautiful classic bag.

    At the moment I am really tempted to keep both of them and sell one of my other small black casual bags.

  12. both are gorgeous! however, they seem a tad too similar to keep both if you need to sell one other black bag...unless you have many black bags and have fallen out of love with them :lol:
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  13. Thank you so much for your thoughts. :smile:

    My fault. I didn‘t mean that I have several similar bags lying around. :biggrin:

    I have four or five black bags. Two of them are much larger, two are small and one of the small has silver hardware.

    The little casual black bag with GHW that I am carrying around with me most of the time is a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. It is one of the most inexpensive bags I own but it is still the one I grab on casual days when I need a black one.

    While looking for a navy bag I have even considered to buy a blue Mini Mac but I couldn‘t force myself to make a decision because I still use the Mini Mac but I am not really in love with it. To me it is a bit oldfashioned now and I was looking for a premier designer bag which would do the same for me as my RM MAC.

    Now I have found the YSL Lou I am pretty sure it is the improved premium version I have been looking for.

    A small navy bag is missing in my collection and this one is perfect so it is a keeper.

    But thinking of returning the black makes me sad because it would perfectly replace the black RM.
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  14. Seeing the 2 bags next to each other, I prefer the navy colour and I will order it online. Thanks for showing the photos.
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  15. Gorgeous bags but far too similar in my opinion to keep both. If it was green or red or beige it would make sense to keep both as they would be very different colours.
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