New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. They are both gorgeous! I recently bought the black one with the gold hardware and using it so much already. Love it! But I love that Navy too! I didn’t see it at the boutique but boy would I have a tough time deciding btwn those 2 as well. I would’ve struggled the same, contemplating that I should get the Navy since I already have so many black bags. But the black is just so classic. Navy is just as lovely, especially if you wear a lot of denim jeans! ack~ I’m no help! [emoji51] I mean if you have another casual black bag you’re willing to let go of or not loving as much, I’d support your decision to keep both. Go with what you’ll regret less.
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  2. ah i totally get what you mean! I was in a similar situation before heh (oh the woes of a bag lover). Since the navy YSL camera bag is a keeper, maybe you could use it more often and assess if it works as well for you as the RM MAC. Then before the return or exchange period for the YSL camera bags end, you decide whether the YSL camera bag does indeed serve as a satisfactory replacement for the RM Mac bag...then you would have no qualms keeping both YSL camera bags and selling the RM Mac.

    Whatever decision you make, i hope it brings you joy :flowers:
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  3. Thanks to all of you and your thoughts! [emoji5]

    This suggestion totally makes sense! Thank you!

    I got 15 percent off so this makes it even harder returning one of the bags. I noticed that promo codes often do not work for Saint Laurent bags and the classic styles do not go on sale frequently.
  4. You got my problem! [emoji1]

    Yes I am wearing a lot of denim and often missed a small navy bag in the past so I have been looking for the perfect navy casual bag for months.

    And yes, the black one is such a classic and would work for so many occasions that I would really regret letting it go.

    In the past I have already had an eye on the Guccis and the camera bag style in general but I didn‘t like the gold GG and chain details on the Marmont and wasn‘t sure about the Disco because I doubt it would keep it‘s shape properly.

    After the YSL caught my eye I could imagine buying it in every color and being satisfied for the next 20 years without any urge to buy another crossbody. [emoji1]
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  5. This happened to me! I got one black hardware and one in silver and now I find myself wanting to keep both! They are so similar but I don’t think I care
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  6. Does anyone have the bag in the light washed pink? I think it is so cute but I’m concerned about color transfer. The practical side of me thinks black is the safer, more classic choice. Or the navy... I need help lol. I’ll havd to order online bc there is no boutique near me. Anyone who owns or seen the colors in person, help would be awesome!!!
  7. I haven’t seen a light washed pink. Just a ivory/cream colour and fuschia pink.
  8. My advice for you: Do NOT order all three colors! At the end you will be the proud owner of three YSL camera bags. [emoji23]
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  9. What do you think about the cream color? It looks nearly (off) white on picture so I didn‘t took it into consideration but I would be interested how you would describe the color.
  10. The one I saw at the boutique a few weeks ago, wasn’t a titanium white or cotton white. It was a pale off-white that was closer to being a light cream depending on the lighting. I thought it was a wearable color actually. Actually all the colors I saw for the camera bag were all quite nice. I also saw the burgundy/wine color and the classic red as well.
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  11. For those of you who have seen the navy in person, would you consider it a bright navy or a dark navy? The picture on ysl makes it hard to see. The biggest decision of my life now is choosing between black and navy now that I’ve eliminated the light washed pink lol. Bag problems... I know y’all understand
  12. Love this color! Is this the freesia color? Online it looks like a lighter pink.
  13. ....not the OP, but can confirm this is the rose freesia color as I have it as well. Go for it!
  14. I've had the washed pink for about a year and haven't had any transfer issues....but I also don't wear it with dark colors that would cause such. These are great bags and you really can't go long as use chose colors that are wearable for you. Once you get one, you'll likely find yourself acquiring more!
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  15. To me it is a dark navy. Did you see the picture I habe taken of navy and black side by side?
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