New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. God the navy is to die for!!!
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  2. Need to know if this is a tan sort of nude, even though it says dusty grey it doesn’t look grey at all
  3. Are you talking about the one that’s preorder on Saks?
  4. you can get 15% off on the Barney’s website if you sign up for the influencer program today. I got the camera for $977!
  5. Also, if you join ****** and click through that site to get to Barney’s, you’ll get another 3%. My total was $947 after that - I have to wait till September for my $30 from ******, but it’s such a deal! Use this link to sign up:smile:
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  6. Hi ladies! I'll ask the boutique but in case you have answers! I bought mine from Saks. Will they punch holes for me even though it wasn't directly from them? Or will Saks provide that service?
  7. Love love love the navy! I agree, they both seem a tad to similar. Have you considered the black camera bag with black hardware? That way you still have a gorg bag to replace your Rebecca, but it is different enough from the navy that it adds a different facet to your collection!

    I spy with my little eye: dark smog, powder, pale gold (LOVE), Fluro pink and fluro lime. I’d like to win the lottery to justify buying them all :nuts:
  9. Wondering if anyone has the plain (not quilted) navy embossed? I’ve only seen it on Farfetch, which concerns me a little that it may be counterfeit.....If you do, would you mind giving me your feedback and sharing pics? Thank you! Happy Friday!
  10. I am not sure about the colours, but the Saint Laurent YSL Lou Camera bags did exist in many different colours and FarFetch sell 100% authentic items. :smile:
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  11. EB3E8462-319D-4350-96D9-A6CAD53D693C.jpeg 0D77EF29-4458-47BE-89CE-9CED3B2B7306.jpeg 328D5B8F-759E-4F70-A6A9-567C7C6E94C9.jpeg Which color would you choose? After a discount and ****** rebate, The black and gold one totals 947. The other two will be 844 after taxes with discount and credit card bonus. I only want one:smile:.
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  12. I like the top dark grey one with brass gold hardware. My second favourite is the black with gold hardware. :smile:
  13. Thank you - one of my friends voted for the grey too. It’s beautiful. I’d have to wait till September for it but it’s prob worth it:smile:
  14. I also vote for the gray with ghw and second the black with ghw! all are gorg, I just prefer ghwin general
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  15. Definitely the top, smog with ghw. Such a gorgeous and unique combo!
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