New Saint Laurent Camera Bag!

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  1. Thank you! I might just try to put leather conditioner on it... its really not that visible in real life.. and I feel so stupid, I was examining the chipping tag just now and it was actually like a little piece of sticky paper or something so I was able to peel it off!
  2. That’s great news that it was just sticky paper! Hopefully leather conditioner will massage the creases out. When I opened my bag and saw the crease on mine, my heart sunk because I knew this was the last bag in my color combo in the company. One SA saw it and said “you need to return that”. Another SA took it from me while I was contemplating another color or returning it and she used the conditioner on it. By then I decided to keep it and think on it. The next day I noticed all the creases were gone. I’m assuming the lotion helped massage them out a bit. I hope it works for you. The creases may work themselves out over time with or without the lotion but I think it might have helped speed up the process. Good luck!
  3. How do you like your Lou camera bag in navy so far? I am debating between the navy or black. I have quite a lot of black color bags and want to try out different colors instead although I still like black. Is your navy bag in dark navy or navy blue? Even if I choose black then I will have to decide between gold hardware or the black hw, the all black effect.
  4. Love the Faggio color! I got this one a few months ago when Saks was running a promo, and it's a great addition.

    Given that" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter has more stock, it may be worth it to order a replacement until you get one to your liking. I recently got another color that I had to order 3 times before I received one that was perfect. They come perfect from YSL, but often poor storage, handling, etc at the store level leads to these problems. The one I finally received recently that was in perfect condition was in the YSL cardboard warehouse box (not the black box that is often just for show) and still in all the foam no handler had an opportunity to mess it up!
  5. Thanks for this info!!
    They still have not gotten back to me since Thursday, wondering if it normal to take this long? (I have submitted photos for them to review)
  6. It's still beautiful but I got a crease on the bag already and I've no idea what caused that cuz I always store my bags properly. The quilting is rather soft so higher care needed! It's definitely a navy! If you're going with black, go with the gold hardware. I like that the gold isn't too yellow
  7. Thanks for your info. Where is the crease on the bag and any chance of photo? I think I may go for the navy then since the gold hardware is light color. Thanks
  8. I’m debating the Lou camera bag or Gucci marmont small. Does anyone have insight into which holds up best and holds the most stuff?
  9. I have both but have not used the Lou much as it is new.. so I cant say anything about which holds up best but the Lou is definitely bigger and holds more! Btw my marmont is the small camera bag not the flap.. hope this is what you are referring to..
  10. I just bought and returned the camera bag. It came direct from YSL and was very beautiful. It was so hard, though. The leather is very stiff and it felt cheap to me, not soft at all. The leather on the marmont is much more supple/soft out of the box but it collapses easier and loses shape faster. I think they fit about the same. I couldn't try the YSL because I decided to return it but they will hold about the same, but one has height and one has length. The YSL is quite big, though. The marmont will lose shape faster because it's soft. The YSL zipper is much smoother than Gucci marmont, easier to open. I wonder if I made the right choice sending the YSL back. I liked the color (dark red) but felt it wouldn't get soft.:confused1:
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  11. I love my Lou Camera bag! I would def recommend it over the Gucci marmont. It’s the perfect camera bag size, not too big or too small.

    I think when purchasing the Lou Camera bag, you should definitely purchase in-store at the boutique that way you can have your pick at which one you prefer.
    My camera bag has smooth and soft leather and in perfect condition because my SA brought out at least 4 for me to choose from. Some were stiff as previous poster and another had dents on the chevron pattern.

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    I also have a Lou camera bag and love it. The leather is soft and supple yet seems like it will hold its shape well over the long run. I also tried the Gucci Marmont camera bag but I wasn’t crazy about the gold chain and the gold GG. I ended up with the black w/ silver Lou but the gold was tempting too. The gold on the Lou is very low key, not shiny at all - more of a dull brushed gold. Very nice. It was tempting but I wear mostly silver jewelry so I went with the silver. I’d love to have it in red with the gold hardware. If the Gucci marmont bag had an all leather strap or the chain and hardware were a silver tone, I would’ve seriously considered it. It was just too much gold for me.
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  13. I tried both of them yesterday, previous poster is right in that Marmont is shorter in height but longer in length, and YSL is taller in height and shorter in length.
    Very similar bags in terms of size, capacity and height the way they look.
    I tried my things in both and they fit easily.: Phone, kindle, LV mini Pochette, LV key pouch, keys, sunglasses.
    I still can’t decide between them!
  14. I love my Camera Bag, its the best bag for weekend and on dress-down Fridays! its getting softer every time I use it, according to my SA the leather will get softer.

    Love YSL than Gucci (although Gucci is still nice but YSL seems 'classier' no offence to Gucci lovers, still a good brand :smile:
    And the camera bag packs a punch, i can put so much in there :smile:
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  15. Saint Laurent is definitely classier than Gucci in general (handbags, RTW, shoes, etc).
    Gucci has more fun prints and casual chic styles.
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