New Lockme Cabas Tote!!

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  1. Does it have feet? Is the lining beige or light pink? Gosh, pretty bag [emoji175]
  2. Lol, one more question, is it epi leather or something else?

  3. Just pulled this off the UK website. It is Python. [emoji175] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464380199.441397.jpg
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  4. The lining is a tan or taupe color. There are no feet. The leather is beautiful and quite soft. The date code is SD1176. There is a leather tag inside under the zippered pocket that says "Made in USA".

    Thank you all for your kind comments.
  5. congrats!!! I am so obsessed with this bag, I can't wait to check it out in person

  6. Beautiful bag! Great choice on the two tone. Your SAs are right, it's the most striking of all. Great to know it's lightweight. The python version is killing me!

    Enjoy using her. Could you post some modeling pics? Thanks in advance.

  7. It's not Epi, it's soft leather like the Lockit.

  8. Love the Python
  9. Great choice. I too think the black and tan is more striking. Simply stunning
  10. Love the Noir and Vanilla the most, but like a few others would worry about color transfer. Someone above had said they worried about the color transfer on the bottom also. I didn't think of that, but that would be true. And why can't they just put some feet on these bags???? Anyhow, if you think you'll baby it, i'd get the dual color. If you don't want to worry about babying then I'd go Noir. Have fun deciding though! Gorgeous bag!!!
  11. Your bag is gorgeous and you pick the perfect colors congratulations
  12. Love the vanilla/noir. Here it is with the rose/noir. Interesting they reversed the color panels to the outside with black in the middle on this combination.
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  13. These are both so beautiful I can't stand it [emoji23]

  14. Lovely combination. Looks like rose and navy rather than noir if you compare the noir on the vanilla. The Rose/Other colour is a fantastic combination addressing colour transfer from clothes. Clever!
  15. Does anyone know the price of this beautiful bag?
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