New Lockme Cabas Tote!!

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  1. I vote bi-color/dual color. I think the contrast is so elegant and eye catching.
  2. I think it just looks like the epi neverfull in black. Are you sure its worth it? I think it is just like that with a lock.
  3. I think it's absolutely gorgeous, but totally agree with you.

    When it comes to value for money, I've just purchased the Saint Laurent large black shopper. It's £590 ($995) vs the lockme's £1,490.00 ($2200+) and the epi neverfull's £1,250.00 ($2050). I work at a secondary/high school and most of my other bags are in your face LV's and Prada's, so I can't carry them at work. I needed something discreet and under the radar so the Saint Laurent fits the bill.
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  4. +1 YSL is still a nice brand!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. This one made it home with me! However, I told my SA that I still may change my mind to the black one! I saw PurseBlog's post on Miranda Kirr and all her black bags and now I'm not so sure again! Anyway, here's a picture of this lovely.

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  6. If you really want the bag I think thats a better color than black. That doesnt look much like the epi neverfull. The all black one..yeah!

  7. I think you made an excellent choice. Love the color combo.
  8. I am looking for a new work bag and I really like this one in rose/ black. Do you think this bag is discreet or is the LV -lock very obvious?

    I also like Alma PM in epi but I think that the cabas is roomier (haven't seen it IRL yet).

    Do you think that the corners of this soft leather cabas would scratch very easily?
  9. If I didn't have so many totes I would check this out. If I'm getting any LV Lockme I want it to be the Lockme I I or Lockme II BB.
  10. I really REALLY like this and the price point too. However, I think the way that the lock sits in the middle there would get in the way of my hanging arm. It's a pass for me but I love the idea of an all leather tote. How about an all leather Empreinte Neverfull, guys??? :woot:

  11. That would be fantastic!!!
  12. Hi Chacha, I went to the store last night to check out the LockMe Cabas Tote in Black and the leather is sumptuously nice against the body. It is just weird that we cannot find where it is MADE IN from. There were 2 advisors already checking the bag inside and out. It is nowhere. It just says Louis Vuitton Paris, (no made in). We checked the front, bottom, inside, under the flap, under the pockets, nowhere. We checked the two-tone, we easily found the big tab of Made in USA sewn on the side of the large flap pocket. But in the Black, there was none. And the lady was saying, I'm sure this is Made in France but no indication where it is located at. Does yours have the "made in" tab in Noir?
  13. Could you please measure the length of the BASE of this handbag? I am wondering if it measures close to the Estrela.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    I LOVE this bag. Both the color combos are amazing.
  14. Hi everyone, Please can someone post a mod pic with this bag, just to see how it looks on shoulder. Thank you so much.
  15. I just received the black, and it's really nice. It reminds me of the Neverfull MM in size, and the base it wider than the Melie. It is deceivingly roomier than it looks. I love the bag completely, and if there was room for improvement, it would only be that the straps be 2" longer. It hangs on the shoulder fine, but there isn't room if you have a coat on. If you wear a thin sweater, it will work. I downsized my bags from large to medium. I'm very happy with this one. It comes with the clochette, but it is just for looks. There are no keys in it, and no lock. To me, I could do without this. I may remove it. The bag is soft and nice, and the clasp doesn't affect the wear or feel of the bag when on the shoulder. I will try to upload a photo later that a sales associate sent to me. It's simple, elegant, and very versatile. What sold me was the closure! Mine says Made in the USA on the leather tab inside.
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