New Lockme Cabas Tote!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so happy! She is so pretty. I definitely have realized that as much as I want to be a speedy or hobo girl, I am a tote girl!!!! This tote is a perfect alternative to my neverfull! The price point is so great for an all leather bag. So light too!!!!

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  2. Gorgeous! Enjoy her!
  3. She is gorgeous ! So happy for you. Congrats and enjoy [emoji173]
  4. IMG_3129.jpg IMG_3130.jpg Hi! I am interested in purchasing my first LV. Prefer leather. Something I can use for work/errands. I like to switch purses every few weeks and am just now starting to get into high-end brands.

    I love the City Steamer but want to hold-off on buying that right now due to the price. I'm seriously considering Lockme Cabas. Biggest dilemma: black or red? I've seen both in-person. I'm leaning towards red with the plan that I can get the city steamer in noir later. I don't have any red purses right now.

    For anyone here who owns the black or red, how does the leather handle wear? Any other thoughts or concerns for a first time LV buyer?
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  5. Hi :smile: The Lockeme Cabas is a gorgeous bag and is the perfect size!!! I had it in red but I never seemed to pull it off the shelf to use it. I ended up selling her after just 9 months. I think if I had bought the black I would have used it more. I'm not a big RED if you are, you go for it because it really is a beautiful one.
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  6. Also, try pre-loved off of Fashionphile or Yoogi's Closet.....getting a discount is always great!!
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  7. Congratulations!!! I saw this bag IRL and fell in love, but for me is the handle drop too short [emoji31] Enjoy her [emoji2]
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  8. I agree! I have been looking at those sites and am def. open to it. Neither has any red right now.

    Q: I'm based in US. I have a family member visiting Melbourne and can pick this up for $2,300 right now (exchange rate + no tax). I saw 3 non- red cabas for sale at Fashionphile and they're around $2,200. None available at Yoogis. Should I just have it picked up brand new for $2,300? Or is there a good chance I'll find a gently used one for $2,000 or less?
  9. For this small difference I would by new!
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  10. Hello, so I have had my bag for over 6 months and still adore her. I examined the straps etc close the other day and its the same as when I got her and I am hard on my bags! what did you end up getting?
  11. May I ask if the straps dig into your arms when the bag is full? I was concerned since they are thinner that that might be the case. Thank you!
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