New Lockme Cabas Tote!!

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  1. I'm wondering if it will show scratches easily, too since I want it as an everyday bag. It is black microfiber on the inside.
  2. oh man this pic has me swooning. absolutely love it. How is it holding up? does it scratch easily? leather bags scare me a little bit since the canvas is so durable.
  3. Hi! I'm sad to say that I had this bag for 3 weeks and I sold it! Hear me out....
    I was so happy at the fact that it was a sleek carefree black leather bag! I had been wanting a LV bag that was a black leather but not empreinte, I wanted something more subtle with less logos. The epi leather was not for me and when I found this it was perfect! I had to have it, impulse buy!!! I then started wearing it and hat time to think about the price tag and then of course how the bag would wear! I used it for the 3 the majority of the time because I was obsessed with it [emoji178] The inside is a black suede/microfiber lining. While it's beautiful, luxurious, & feels like a purse organizer inside you bag, every little piece of lint shows! So I ended up using a light weight purse organizer in it to ease my mind! I decided I wanted 1 LV bag that I wasn't going to baby and this was it! I loaded it up with my kiddos snacks ,water bottle , extra clothes, my stuff, and went to my son's soccer game! I actually ended up being super paranoid that it was going to get scratched from hanging on a little umbrella stroller so ending up carrying it & boy was my shoulder feeling it! Then, the next weekend we unexpectedly went to sea world after his game and normally I would NEVER take any of my LV bags there. I could leave it in the truck so I placed it under my stroller & covered it with a towel, so not to draw attention to my stroller. Of course I was frustrated bc I didn't want it to mis-shape! (I know, I'm crazy!) I was devastated bc I ended up getting sunblock on the leather on a few spots which looked like it was immediately fading the black & drying out the leather! Long story short , it wiped off clean with no issues & no changes in the leather! I ended up selling it to a friend bc I was freaking out about the leather and saw a mild line/crease developing from the way I was wearing it on my shoulder. Be advised, this leather does seem like it may scratch easily. That doesn't mean it will! That being said, I really miss it and realized how well it actually did hold up for me. So I'm glad to say after ALL that, I'm going to go pick up a brand new one either this weekend or next week! This time I'm just gonna USE it! Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share! [emoji8]

    Can Anyone else comment & let us know if it does indeed show scratches easily or creases? Thanks everyone!!!
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  4. I bought mine and actually returned it. I was undecided between the Lockme and the Celine cabas tote (from earlier post). Today I went to look at the Neverful in the Black Epi (but I already have two Neverfuls - DE and DA). It's so hard to make up my mind. The epi surely would be a lot more carefree and scratch resistant than the Lockme. Decisions, decisions!
  5. Thank you for the info.
    Can you post a pic of the way you were wearing Lockme?
  6. LOVE the Lockme Cabas!!! I am dying for it in the red Rubis color!!! Does anyone own it in the red?
  7. I'm seriously considering this bag but need more feedback.
  8. Does anyone have updates on scratching,etc?
  9. I have had no problems with mine scratching. I got the Rubis one for Christmas and am not easy with my bags. Not one scratch!! I adore it!!! Highly recommend!!
  10. Hi! I have 3 little boys and I absolutely love this bag! It's my carefree, go to bag! I don't have to worry about little sticky finders, rain, or water marks after washing my hands on the go! I can use a damp cloth or wipe and simply wipe my bag if needed. I love it so much I splurged & bought the matching wallet last month! My only tip is IF at all possible hand pick your bag/wallet. Or, have a really sweet SA send u clear close up photos of the leather. I have seen that some are a dull streaky leather, I personally do not like this look. Both my handbag and wallet have a beautiful smooth leather with a bit of a sheen to it! Love my set! I will insert a pic of an example of the dull weird leather I found on one wallet. Also, just to say how much I love my bag...I did buy it once before. I sold it because I had doubts on how the leather would hold up. However, I immediately regretted it and repurchase! Very happy :smile: 1488864060983.png 1488864171663.png
  11. Here's the different leather I saw. 1488864374754.png
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  12. Hello, I have a question about where your date code is and have you know there to be inconsistencies with the made in tabs and date codes?
  13. I love this tote- it's on my wishlist! Enjoy!!
  14. I am so excited for her to arrive! Thursday I think :smile: I will have to post a pic.
  15. Excited to see your bags. Post pics!
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