New Hermes Bag: 2018 24/24 Bag

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  1. I like the look of it, especially the large version with its slouch. Shame about the strap and the attachment placement. I mean, the craftspeople always say not to leave the Kelly open while it's on the shoulder strap because it puts too much stress on where the flap is attached to the bag. Surely the designers would know by now? Unless this is a v1 Beta test waiting for feedback for H's loyal customers? :happydance:
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  2. If anyone is in London. Bond street has a display of like 8 of them, they have both 28 and 35 size. Really lovely bags!
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  3. Fsh has on display both sizes too!
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  4. Has anyone purchased this bag yet, in either size? I'd love to see some modeling photos. The runway photos are enough to show the bag well.
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  5. A modeling pic of the 29 (a bit unhelpful since we don’t know how tall this woman is)
  6. I like it for a work bag....
  7. Thank you! It does look like this size is big enough for daily use. I wonder if the bigger one has that nice smooshier look.
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  8. I just bought the bigger one -35. I absolutely love this bag. Just waiting for the right color for the smaller one. I think the 35 is perfect for me when traveling. It’s fits everything I need to fit and more under the radar then a birkin or kelly. The smaller one is better for everyday use. Here’s some modeling pics. And btw I am about 163cm and a size FR 34/36. IMG_4417.jpg IMG_4420.jpg
  9. Looks great on you! Is it heavy?
  10. I only have my togo Kelly 28 with me and it’s probably just a little heavier than that.
  11. Looks great on you! I can’t wait to try these on. I am smitten with them.
  12. Love the modeling photos so far!
  13. Looks like a great everyday bag!
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  14. Looks great on you! Is it same measure with a Birkin 35?
  15. Does the 35cm come with any shoulder strap?