New Hermes Bag: 2018 24/24 Bag

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  1. Me too. I am looking forward to finally seeing it in person.
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  2. High 5. I was initially drawn to the bag but the more I consider getting it, the more I think the bag looks like an oversized Peekaboo.

    But my opinion might change if i see the bag in person.
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  3. UK website. I've been stalking it trying to catch one of these bags for more detail but they get snapped up too quickly!!
  4. I think you just answered your own question
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  5. I LOVE slouchy bags but this.......NO!
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  6. Thank you!
    I check the homepage everyday
    and it is amazing how fast new bags get sold out.
    Does anyone has a feeling at what time they update the homepage?
    It must be quite early in European time.
  7. I thought maybe a comparison shoot would be interesting...

  8. I see that they are both similar colored bags, but not sure I see the similarity otherwise except top handles. Both look pretty.
  9. Cara, the price is shown as 10,840 Pounds Sterling, so Great Britain.
  10. That‘s why I posted the comparison. IMHO there is not much similarity concerning Fendi peek-a-boo and Hermes 24/24.
    PaB has two compartments which are not fully closed like the one compartment of the 24/24.
    But that‘s only my point of view
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  11. There is no set time, it can often be updated more than once in the same day, you just have to keep looking.
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  12. Thanks for the info!
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    I checked the US site and don’t see it there. Is it me or do things get posted on the Canadian site before the US (ie. Spinel jewelry, brides de gala gala cardigan, etc)?
  14. I think it is already sold
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  15. Wow. That was fast.